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[E2] MotoROKR ZINE2 from moto.it168

Started by juancito34, July 29, 2008, 02:47:07 AM

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July 29, 2008, 02:47:07 AM Last Edit: July 30, 2008, 03:09:21 PM by Exploited
MotoROKR ZINE2 (2008.07.19) Thanks to moto.it168!!!

Any user's personal views on the BUG and psychological role, I can not
Original post... http://moto.it168.com/viewthread.php?tid=350761

1. Based on 48 P re-create the original one package, changed its name to MotoROKR ZINE2, removal of BP modified version, in order to avoid cg37cg42 integrated package, cg34 cg41 cg43 free to use cramfs squashfs (3.x/2.x image) cg41 theme package, cg34 Pack (similar to the hydrogen bomb framework), a KERNEL V3 core, support multi-button, 4 GSD cards, music keys
2. Icon on the optimization of the I, add music channels icon, landscaping kaleidoscope of scrub
   Built-in classic black themes and I optimize the production of black theme, how names are not playing, like he called Super Black (SB) good
3. Removal of the voice, warning, SD card inserted sound, SD card will be removed when a similar plug-in box news tips
4.busybox 1.8.3
5.rokr: paper type detection and removal of check list of documents. phonewaremanger: increased access Trusted Third Party
6. The use of original and ROKR (2.8mb) double fonts, ROKR font display perfect English, small size, speed and the same as the original, compatible with all topics, no BUG
7. Settings with Bluetooth, Bluetooth renamed MotoROKR ZINE2, can be maintained Open View
8. No voice Traditional and Simplified input Chinese characters show more symbolic import, if relevant to the needs of single-function of the floor, brush package (thank frypig01 provide Packs)
9. Brush machine-tool kits
   ROKR: 1. Software Manager 2. Link system 3. Screenshot 4. Heavy SD card theme 5. Refresh the phone 6. Unloading SD card 7. Switch fonts 8. Restart 9. Regards to boot 0. System Overview
   Settings: Super Rabbit 0.2
   Multimedia: camera settings
   Games: E2 simulator (GBA + SFC + + virtual memory overclocking)
10. Description: ROKR 1- basic everyone is used, will not do, 7. Switch Font: imitation qizhongping, can achieve the original font and font switching ROKR
         Camera settings: E2 camera can achieve 96 176 * 128 * 144 320 * 526 * 240 704 free switch
11. JAVA built-in Anyview for ROKR ZN2 Special Edition, the world premiere, JAVA stack to 4096
12. Switch-screen only retain V8, built-in image from sections of the phone MOTO
13. Built-in apmd208_208_416, apart from minor power, without any side effects
14. If we can not change the port to the Internet for 9201, after trying to restart the phone
15. Realization of USB NET connected computer ftp access, methods: in folders or web address bar the importation of, reservations Samba

DOWNLOAD: http://www.e2mod.com/content/view/270/26/

Mirror... http://www.4shared.com/file/56918957/49d3b3d5/MotoROKR_ZINE2.html

Anybody can make Spanish Lp for this MP please? Thanks!


At last, a new firmware, hey,  juancito, have you tried this firmware? is it fast? any major improvement?


Hey guys!

Is this video camera resolution real?


Ftp access look cool. I think I should try it.


Downloading now...

i'll report tomorrow..

wish me luck!! ;D


that't all true   it168 is a great E2 Paradise


Can this flashed with other language packs like LP003C or LP003B?


Nice monster pack! Unfortunately, most of the good stuff are in Chinese...and i can't read Chinese. Oh well, back to Black Storm til somebody translate this MP.


1st report..

After flashing feel light and fast..
Everythings is good..good performance and stable..
No lag at writing message..
Loading java faster..
Good sound..
New Sys info now showed percentage CPU and swap usage, but still in chinese, if i have a source code i'll translated..

Just one things..there's a lot of good stuff in chinese that i can't understand..
I try to tranlated it but not all of them caused some i don't understand..
I'm make patch but unfinished coz it's hard to understand chinese
thx i'll report again later     



how about this performance if compared with Black Storm (non Kalei especially)


I think Black Storm has some edge over speed and response. About other parameters, never really tested coz its all Chinese. Sorry for that but it would be nice if the developer builds one for the west and its non-chinese speaking neighbors (Philippines). Its a great MP, cutting edge and a lot of "good stuff" (where I never played around so much coz i can't read it). :)



Is a great Fw... Im waiting for traslate... Bye!