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[E2] MotoROKR ZINE2 from moto.it168

Started by juancito34, July 29, 2008, 02:47:07 AM

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maybe this question look stupid, but is this a kaleid monster pack?
i want to try it, but since it's a chinese fw, i don't understand it, wait for the english one


@ fich
i think for performance this f/w more fast and stable  compared with blackstorm non kaleid. More speed at loading java and bootup..especially it fast at writing text..

I almost tranlated all chinese stuff except for new Sysinfo cause it's write in native and i don't have a source of it..

Can someone give me a source code caused i think it's good stuff and something new for our E2..

Thx i'll report again later..   


July 31, 2008, 05:37:12 PM #17 Last Edit: July 31, 2008, 06:10:57 PM by are_goenk
Hi E2 lovers....

Just for sharing ;D

I made 2 patch english for motoROKR Zine2  ;)

Download patch_motoROKR_Zine2.zip if you want still use new Sysinfo but still in chinese as i post before i can't translated that cause i don't have the source..sorry for that

Download patch_motoROKR_Zine2_with_old_sysinfo.zip if you don't want see your phone display chinese anymore... ;D

Hope it'll useful


mod edit: double attachment deleted


sorry for my mistake..

i attach the same file..

please delete one of them

here another file




Wow thanks so much i been waiting for it some time ++, by the way Exploited why you never uploaded any of the BlackStorm FW to E2Mod, that will be better because many people don't know of this or other forums and just visit e2mod


August 01, 2008, 06:26:21 AM #22 Last Edit: August 01, 2008, 06:28:50 AM by kidscracker
Wow looks really nice, may be i'll flash my E2 with this as soon as a Spanish patch is available, or an english one if it's first. Does this MP deserve a try? how is it compared with Black Storm ?

EDIT: juacito if you need help to translate it to spanish i'll help with it...if you don't mind to teach me how to make the scripts for it :D


tried this FW and man it is FAST

i shifted from MAXX 2 and there are some stuff i'm not used to like the lack of Kaleid features lol...

typing messages are speedy...

flaws i can see is that the voice key does not do anything....

u need to install vrreplace and assign it manually...

another flaw(for me) is that it does nto have softlock which is important to me as my hardlock switch is dead... -.-"

currently set my voice key to run the keylock app when pressed lol...

and another flaw is that this fw does not have multiple keypress kernel installed...

have to flash the kernel manually...

this fw is definitely worth trying hehe...


After playing for a while, I can say the typing SMS is a breeze. But...I hate the All-in-one language pack system which kills the coolest feature of our beloved ROKR E2, the "Talking Phone". I hope the developers will create an MP as fast as this but with all native features in tact.


Hello Moto(hell)

im from Modmymoto Latin America.. (so.. sorry for my bad english :-[)

We did the Spanish translation, Whith NestorM and Extasis
and now NestorM is doing the last important things...

Coming soon Ezine2 version en EspaƱol
(Coming soon Ezine2 Spanish Version)

By Arter (3m)


long time not see new f/w.

i will try it ASAP


Hello arter i'll be waiting for your fina version of the spanish version =). Now i'm registering in Modmymoto to share thing in my native language =D (I'm from peru ;) )


August 03, 2008, 12:29:05 PM #28 Last Edit: August 03, 2008, 12:59:25 PM by ocktober07
can anybody make an english version for this Fw?.. so that we wont need to use the english patch..just flash the firmware and the contents is already in english..  :)

btw, the sysINFO is already translated to english in pebri86's patch??


i wonder what the different between the old system info then the new one, other then the language :P , i'm using this fw now, and it's good, i really like i, light and provide almost everything i need.

By the way, is there anyway to use my swap partition? i got a swap partition from Maxx before, but now, i can't use it, because i don't know how to use it, can anyone explain me? thanks