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Official Sig & Avatar Request thread

Started by Jithin, September 09, 2007, 06:31:39 pm

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September 09, 2007, 06:31:39 pm Last Edit: April 26, 2008, 06:11:06 pm by J!th!nSK
Well,here is a thread for all your signature/avatar related stuffs. You can request for new sig/avatar,ask questions about softwares,provide free PSD templates,testing new sigs etc etc. Hope there are some good graphics artists here.

Here are the some rules for about sig/avatar
1)The maximum size of avatar allowed is 100x100 pixels
2)Please do not make your siggy too big though there is no strict size limit for  this. 400x100 sized sigs are preferable.
3)No nudity allowed in the sig/avatar. Please keep in mind that 13 year old children too are browsing the forum.
4)No warez link in the sig

Please specify your request completely so that someone may be willing to help you.

How to insert images on your sig:

Upload the image to any image hosting sites like www.imageshack.us or www.tinypic.com. You will get a direct link to your image. Go to your Profile --> Forum Profile Information
In the signature area, use the format as shown below
Code Select
[img]your image direct link[/img]

If you want to add link to a site on clicking the image (as in my sig),use the code shown below..
Code Select
[URL=your site address][IMG]your image link[/img][/URL]


Jithinsk, how bout my siggy?? its too big ;) hope this is recommended LOL


Your sig looks cool,bro ;)  But a bit too large :)


who will work for those sigs and avatars? do you jithinSK?
wew... must edit my sig now since  it's too big huhh


well,I'm not that good.. but good enough make my own. We need some helpers here.. :)



i have candidates then...
let me see..
2. Ianseventh
3. .....
4. .....

Hope they would love to help



im just can make my own only.. bcoz i dont know what they need for their siggy.. ;)

yaaa.. THRCKR could be part of this .. he is the master of Animation/Graphic ;D


Quote2)Please do not make your siggy too big though there is no strict size limit for  this. 400x100 sized sigs are preferable.

your siggi 524x124 bro :P

bro ian's siggi is very" cool.
*ian -> ianseventh


LOL,I know..I just said it is preferable :P
Anyway,I'm going to make a new one or atleast reduce the size ;D



i'll try later.. now im using linuxOS dont know how to edit the pic using their application..
my windows XP still have an unknown virus.. even i updated, they still cant detect


can you do me a favour please resize my sig





I've got my old(very old) sig here, made by curry_boi...
I'm not using it because.... erm just look at it lol ;D

No time to edit...