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49R to 42R

Started by khanz, January 19, 2009, 12:31:38 pm

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i want to go back and flash my rokr with original backup.

my flex version is cosmoto v1.0
Technology Quad Band Gsm
S/W R373_G_0E.30.49R
DSP S/W VErsion 623BAB00
Lang List 0039
PRL VErsion 0

the problem is i dont get my IME when press*#06#
and opera is not working bt default browser is working.

if  i want to flash my fone to original backup
i just use the backup files????????


also my boot loader is 0A.02


seem 0032_0001
offset 0E -   bit 0: Retrieve IMEI by pressing *#06# (1 on, 0 off)
or press *9999
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What happen whith 49r bro?
this f/w have a lot of patches that can increases the feature of your phone, btw it's about taste don't you?
i think it's no problem if u flash u'r backup.
sorry 4 bad english.
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try to restore your backup from 49r,i suggest flashing with fb2.62 then flash again with 42r, gud luck


full flash with MP
download here or here


i need a simple answer
can i flash my fone with my original backup???????? >:(


You should RESTORE your original backup. Better than making it a new MP and then flashing it...
So just open it in F&B and press restore ;)