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Started by markt74, August 09, 2007, 12:04:44 AM

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Am very, very new to all this and would like ot understand more when I read threads in the forums.

What is flexing, what is a seem, what is MP? What is a monster pack? I would like to get into  modifying my E398 but get frustrated when reading the tutorials because I don't get all the nomenclature.

Thanks for your help!


flex is all multimedia files in your phone like ringtones skins, picture etc
seem is more like regedit in PC
and monsterpack is combination off CG1(firmware), CG2(flex) DSP, DRM, Language Pack, Digital Sign...

i guess your e398 is still at R372...try to convert it to R373

read these tutorials

The E398 to ROKR Conversion
How do I backup My Phone
How do I flash My Phone

remember always safe Modz


u must start from basic.. whatever u doing must backup first..


You can understand it easier like that:

Firmware - the operating system of your phone
Seems - special hacks for the firmware
Flex - all files on your phone (ringtones, multimedia, applications, skins, etc)

Monster pack - combination between firmware, seems and flex

Since you are new to modding - I would recommend you to first start with flashing 42_for_all monster pack and after that flash one of the new Monster Packs that are ROKR bases (R373 46R or 49R).


thx to make it easier phil