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How do I flash my phone

Started by MotoModder, July 06, 2007, 10:21:15 AM

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hi. how to flash my rokr e1 phone? is there any sites that c0uld explain the hows and the dont's of flashing my rokr e1 phone?Ü


Its similar to e398 flashing.. Just make sure that you have a full backup and flash only MPs made for your ROKR.. And also avoid flashing 6XR and 7XR firmware,else it will lock up your phone.


JithinSK, Perhaps 6XR won't lock down his ROKR.


Ah,master Antrix.. You are here.. :)
Thanx for your info.. Sorry,I'm still n00b ;)


Please don't call me that  :o

I'm still learning! Good to see you're here and giving a helping hand to Phil!


first ,reflash tool
second, you must have a drive and  Brushes the machine-packed
let's your phone link with computer.    good luck.......


hi, I'm a new member here
i want to ask about flashing my moto
according to the article in the first post, it said that "You must ensure that under Boot Loader you have 07.D0.  If you have something else, DO NOT PROCEED"
I found that my E1 has boot loader 0A.02
is it ok if i'm flashing my phone?
I want to use 49R
thanx for the answer



Platform which supports most patches ^^
Z.d.u.n.e.X's Stuff: Personal Site | My skins


total noob here.
what do you mean by patches and flashing the phone??


Z.d.u.n.e.X's Stuff: Personal Site | My skins