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My motorola rockr e8 rings very very late

Started by hamid_awais, December 07, 2010, 07:56:30 AM

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Hi All
My motorola rockr e8 does not ring but vibrate. However its starts ringing very late untill than the person calling has dropped the call.

I have tried all settings but i dont know whats the problem

In its profile if i set only ring than it starts ringing very late like after 10 or 15  rings by the otehr person

However if i set vibrate and ring in its profile than thanks God it starts vibrating...

Please some some tell me the solution


I never see this problem ... how long have you bought your e8???????????????????


my phone has problem like that too
but I don't to fix that

help someone


There is a ringmode called "vibrate then ring". Change it. It's somewhere in the profiles.