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[E2] Security Bug?

Started by nihilus53, May 03, 2010, 02:22:11 AM

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Hey guys, long time...

I recently noted a glitch in the application lock on my Rokr E2, maybe it isn't supposed 2 be a glitch but it leaves the apps unprotected.
When I play any game that does not have any lock, or use rockbox, or access the contacts, or file manager, and the open the messages (which are supposed to be locked), the messages open without any unlock code. Messages always open only when the code is introduced, but when i open any other thing and then select the messages, they open just like that... Its frustrating because i lend my phone to my friends and they wanna start looking at the messages between me and my gf, lol and if they discover that, then well, i cant lend it anymore and i don't want to be real cocky... :-\

Thanks brothers


Well, I'll give it a try later...
Best regards,
Jeffri H.


yeah..i also observed this when i bought my e2..if you enabled the lock for messages, the first time you open the messages menu, it would ask for the password. But when you exit it and then open it again, it wouldnt ask for the password!