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SoftKeys mod Guide by Fenix x [updated]

Started by Fenix X, September 07, 2009, 12:20:34 AM

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Fenix X

September 07, 2009, 12:20:34 AM Last Edit: September 10, 2009, 12:14:22 AM by Fenix X
Background and concepts

Some people asked me how i placed Icons in the Soft keys like i do so I thought I should explain.
I maked this mod in 2006 but some years later I discovered that some carriers have used this mod too (thx for kn1000 to let me know about it)am not sure if I was the first motomodder to it  :p
All the fonts and symbols you see on your phone when you are entering text or reading something are stored in a codegroup called CG4 in the Firmware.
Each charecter has something called a Unicode value. This is a universal ID used by lots of devices meaning a text file can be transferred to another device and the other device will be able to read it fine. Each Unicode code has a symbol or image accosiated with it within the langpack. By "image" we are referring to the font design.
When you enter the letter A it goes to the langpack and draws the 'image' accosiated with A.
But what if we change that so it looks like a ball for instance?
It will draw the ball image when you enter the letter 'a'.

All you need to do is modify an unused symbol to look like you want it to, and then reference it to the softkeys!

The guide

You will need MotoLangEditor
Open your langpack file with  (CG4.smg, It Needs to be the smg file! If you have a SHX you will need to learn how to split it)
You will now see all your font chars.

Scroll down to the end of the char's window and look. There are some symbols that you never use:

We will replace this symbols format to looks like a icon of your choice.
Select a symbol you have never used, and you will see it in the program's window with some editing tools like "Paint".
Click on Zoom icon to enlarge the character image (for a better view)

I will modify the Symbols 20A3, 20A4 and 20A7:
Select the 20A3 Char
Then Press Ctrl+Alt+W and write 14 in the opened window then click "Set Size"
Use the editing tools to draw a back icon:

Do the same with other two icons but draw a select icon in the 20A4 char and a exit icon in the 20A7 char:

Let's go to the next step: Putting the symbols in softkeys.
We will mod the "back" "select" and "exit" texts of the softkeys. Click on the String tab of the program.
Then copy the string id for the "back" text in the box hightled on the image below..the string id for back is 02D4..

All you need to do is replace the "back" text with the modded symbol....open the attached text file with a text editor:
you should see these symbols:

Just copy the first symbol......then paste this symbol into the text box of the program.
Then click on "add symbol" button and paste it again on the opened window:

Do the same with the other buttons.
Click the ID 0305 for the "select" text and paste the second symbol (Copy from the attached text file).
Click the ID 02E3 for the "exit" symbol and paste the last symbol.
What this does is when your phone tries to load 'back' it sees the modified icons we made.
To then complete this mod, just hit save! All you need to do is compile the C4.smg with you preferred program.


Example: open Flash & Backup > click on the "firmware" tab > click select file > open your old shx langpack file > click on the CG4 > click replace > select your modded langpack (the file we just made) > click save as > select format shx>type a name > then click save.
Flash it to your phone like any other flash file and enjoy your new modded keys!

You can replace any symbols you want...to make any symbols you want to replace any text in your phone ^^ including the "play,edit,send,erase,etc" text in your softkeys...is the same thing you've done...you just need to find the String id's!
Thx to all MotoModders ;)
I hope you find this usefull and like it so much =P
Tutorial by Fenix X if you want to share please share my name together XD


woow mazta fenix show that tutor...
very usefull and nice tutor mr fenix.. ;)


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Nice tutor, :) ++
btw may be it's should be in LP board?



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Like I said via MSN you're awesome bro ;)
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Fenix X

Thx for Karma guys ^^
I very happy you liked it =P
Wohoooooooo ^^


fenix, i still confused to replace back with new symbol.because i never found symbol to paste and replace back in 02D4.How it???

Fenix X

click on the "general Font"
these numbers is the symblol it located on the "unicode" row on the symblos window


Oh i know now,I not see symbol attached text file. :) :)
the first symbol done But i still have problem to paste second of symbol..
ML have warning like this.
Whats wrong fenix??


September 09, 2009, 02:26:56 PM #10 Last Edit: September 09, 2009, 02:33:00 PM by Zh@ng-L14ng™
Wow... Very useful tutor...
Thanks for sharing...  ;)

++  for ya


Don't choose the square symbol. Choose the F, L, or Pts symbol only.  ;)

Fenix X

September 09, 2009, 06:22:57 PM #11 Last Edit: September 10, 2009, 12:36:24 PM by Fenix X
open the txt file with notepad ++ ^^
I've uploaded a wrong file with incorrect values ^^
please redownload it ^^
Sorry guys ^^


Thx for adivise eckoo now you can try ^^


I´m sammdie.:D


Now i am not confused again with this symbol..
oke great fenix..++ for u ^^