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[MP FOR A1200] Amin's Green PG16R - BETA 2

Started by MOJTABA, August 07, 2009, 05:20:00 PM

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August 07, 2009, 05:20:00 PM Last Edit: August 07, 2009, 05:29:44 PM by MOJTABA
Amin's Green PG16R - BETA 2

by amin from Iran_tehran


1- because of using the new kernel, this firmware would not detect under 1GB Memory cards, so if you are currently using this kinda
memory card, gotta apply this patch(http://www.motorolafans.com/forums/attachments/a1200-firmware/18850d1242883212-firmware-16r-ita-eng-a1200_standard_kernel.zip) (actually you gotta flash to it, after extracting)to roll back the kernel to 2.3.8 version, by then it will detect your MMC. (thanks to shantanu)
2- One of the advantages of this new kernel is supporting 4GB MMC. And for more than 4GB (e.g. 8GB) capacity, as you know, FAT16 cannot work with more than 4GB, but theoretically, it's possible to divide the MMC to 2 or more partition, as I know). 4GB MMC has been successfully tested with some of users and works, but it hasn't been tested yet for 8GB MMC, I think.
3- It's currently comes with English and Farsi keyboard (LTR) and will include more languages in final release.
4- There is a minor bug that I've found, the Icon for video files(3gp, mp4) is missing so video files appears with ugly icon(will fix in final release)

DOWNLOAD LINK(Is same for both A1200E and A1200R):
Mirror(thanks to jetboss)


   * Newer "Picsel viewer" with the ability of editing *.xls and *.doc files and oppening office 2007 files(docx,...)- NEW
   * Comes with Kernel version 2.4.20- NEW
   * SILENT Phone! Forget about the sound of Missed events and detecting Bluetooth!- NEW
   * Lina 4.0 with better interface and optimized algorithms- NEW

   * bi-track capability(can be flashed to both A1200E and A1200R tracks!)- NEW
   * New media Editor from A1600 (well known as photoshop!)- NEW
   * Newest opera browser so far ( Opera V8.0 build 3408)- NEW
   * Easy Overclock!, just put your modified "apmd: to preload folder and reboot your phone! that's all- NEW



       * • Realplayer - new version with equalizer & higher resolution and improved codecs (All equalizer presets working!) - NEW
       * • 2 installation method! built in mpkg and Lina pkg installer(both integrated) - NEW
       * • Integrate lin, sh, rar, zip, tar, ace detection! (works like above) - NEW
       * • Preload region to start apps automatically - just put your desired font, on/ off animation, apmd(for overclock), volume table, startup sound in the automaticaly created preload folder, /mmc/mmca1/Amin.FW/preload, and these will start when phone starts - NEW
       * • VR working when flip is closed!
       * • Managing Bluetooth, Contacts, Recent calls,with CLOSE FLIP
       * • Fixed Tower Information - displaying on the screen.
       * • Message Delivery Report enabled by default
       * • New ON and OFF animation
       * • Talking Phone can read SMSs.
       * • Camera - has "silent" option
       * • Video - Can record at 3 resolutions: S(176.144) M(320x240) L(352x288 )
       * •4 USB modes - Modem, Mass Storage, USB Net , Web Camera- NEW
       * • Battery Life - GOOD
       * • Speed - ROCK!
       * • Camera Quality - ROCK!. (Has additional low light option for taking pictures at night.)
       * • Camera Photo Autosave - Yes (you can choose whether or not to auto save photos or not)
       * • Voice Response accuracy - NEW VR, EXCELLENT (AMERICAN ACCENT)
       * • Daylight Savings Time (DST) update - applied
       * • Run multiple apps - Yes
       * • File compression ability!
       * • Media Sync has Exchange ActiveSync and OTA
       * • Language: English, with Persian keyboard LTR, with English VR
       * • Has Call barring feature built in- NEW
       * • Now all script files in preload folder with "*.sh" and "*.lin" extension will automatically run in phone • • • • startup ( unlimited scripts!)
       * • New blend themes(a bit modification by myself, you'll find themes more tasty, I hope!)
       * • New well selected ringtones
       * • Some new wallpapers (Thanks to ethera)
       * • ekonsole with bash3 preinstalled- NEW