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z6 masters please help xD

Started by Luthychan, May 11, 2008, 12:35:37 PM

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Hello there :) Im very new with the z6 I love my E1 I moded and works perfectly with the motohell mp :) Couple of days ago I purchase the z6 I coudnt wait for the z8 and to be honest I spend the same as in my e1 back on those times.

Thing is , Its complete new mod style thing and well I see many e2 tutorials , but none for the z6 and you know well not all but back in the e1 I was very methodic and read the tutorials and ask to anyone in the forum ... but Im kind a lost in here.  There is no an especific z6 thing. So I just wonder... a couple of questions ...

Theres many monter packs ?

Basically what are the improvments  over the original z6

How can I put more "themes" in the z6 like the skins in the e1

is posible to lead z6 into z6 duo or z8 ? or even lead it into a wifi thing ? xD ( I think in my dreams but well Im just asking )

I know is not pk2 based , is linux . Wich are the best programs to "handle" the z6 ?

any recomendations ?

or should I wait to z6 became more ... old in order to flash it .... cuz right now I cannot back up right ?

well nothing else. thanks so much for  even read this and please help me Im very lost in the z6 theme.

I still love my e1 . I like the lights in the sides... the z6 have any light effect like ? with the flash or the panel... ?

regards :)

Luthychan  ^-^


Hmm...nice to see more Z6 user here... Well, to read more about Z6 (and V8), u can go to modmymoto.com and motorolafans.com... They have more complete resource... :)
Best regards,
Jeffri H.


thanks for the response at least xD  I really apreciate :D


I think there's no software to make a fullbackup of Z6.Z6 is totally 6 times faster than E1 and putting a theme in it is so easy and it also depends on your monsterpacks.The latest MP is Linuxmod Final which I think is the best so far.To flash your phone,U need RSD Lite 4.1 or more and the latest Motorola drivers.Like Keaglez has told U,modmymoto is the best site for finding all about Z6 modding....Good Luck.


weeee thanks a lot :D I will be the first girl with a mod z6 :P lol xD weee Im happy :P
by the way ... whats telnet ? ???


telnet seems like sync but it using ip adress such as

congr8 my dear .. u are Linux modding now.. ;)

ROKR z6's Software is totally different with ur ROKR E1's Software..

try to learn.. and u will know everything bout ezx phones..


so telnet is like ... a bluetooth but with ips ? xD how come is good ? xD I mean ... what can I do with that xD


telnet is like a p2k tool that u used to add files to your e1, but this is not a program is just a connection in a command screen (go to start-run-type cmd). With telnet u can acces to the cellphone files, but u need a little knowing of linux commands to surf in phone by telnet.
i dont know if my explanation was good enough, adding the fact that of my crappy english.... i hope i was helpful


Thanks so much for the explanation !  Hm I guess I understand but since like kind a dificult for me xD
:P I mean I dont know what is the advantages of the telnet aplicable to the phone I mean the Only Telnet I know was using it like a game to rol :P and I know nothing of linux xD . But if is something like omg u can do a lot of things there ... then I can learn xD


In Z6,Samba is replaced by ftp.U can browse and edit your files via ftp.U need modded firmware to connect ftp.


Thanks I manage to mod my z6 with the linuxmod ... but I really wish the z6 comunity here gets really big to be like e1 forum I miss my guys xD I mean there are all orginized and is really easy xD
in here is like a big caos even I saw z6 in the title , I was like an hour just to find anything for z6.


I've sold my Z6 for V9.But I heard that there's a new MP for Z6 which is called as WKTools.U can play Snes games in Z6 now.Although it's still beta version.The thread is in M3.