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New MP - Adal ACR v0.9

Started by Adale, July 05, 2009, 09:59:56 pm

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Quote from: tankian on October 22, 2009, 10:28:31 am
i have problem same like thiss... adall

Sorry everybody... but i can't fix it... now i don't have a L7 phone and any file related to it... :(
I recomend flash your L7's with the Extremoto by jaims009...


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hi there.. I have a problem here...
I have download this Firmware ADAL ACR V0.9
but the mistake is I have flashed it in motorola v360..

I have noticed this firmware for L7 phone.. haha..

After flashing is DONE.. my phone motorola v360 wont power ON ..
even I try press [ * + # + power ON ] but that phone wont start ON..

What should I do?


hi there.. I have a problem here.. thats about firmware..

I have motorola v360.. the problem is I download the L7 ADAL AZR v0.9 firmware and flash it with F&B.. after flashing done.. my motorola v360 phone wont turn ON.

Even I have press * + # + POWER ... my phone wont TURN ON..

what should I do?

The BATTERY still in full charges before I flash the L7 firmware...
need help..