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MotoMix (NEW)

Started by jzzz, April 11, 2009, 06:28:25 AM

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try to patch with another keypadlock?
is it cleared?


Before flashing i did not read the whole post and the result is this :-(

Hi all,

i flashed my e398 with MP "mixed by jzzz" with FB.3. The flash was successful (PASS !!) but i could not turn on my phone. I did a hard boot and the boot screen says "low battery can't program"

What to do next?


What have you done?
low battery?
try to charge using desktop charge first.


"E398 R373_0'NIECH_79R"+ Msd 2Gb + Ep1 & Ep2
"E398 R373_0'NIECH_49R" + Msd 2Gb + Ep1 & Ep2
"E398 R373_0'NIECH_44R"Ep1+Ep2 + Msd 2Gb 



Quote from: jzzz on July 11, 2009, 10:39:06 AM
What have you done?
low battery?
try to charge using desktop charge first.

What did i do? i flashed your MP  :) The good news is my e398 is back alive.... o really missed her. I was desperate as i really did not want to lose my phone. i went hunting and got a universal desktop charger and flashed her back to life.

But still thank you .. buddy

I agree it was low on battery (no idea how)... but still later my phone never switched back on  :(.. is something is wrong with ur MP :P


You're welcome Om oniech.
Just do safe modding,and always make sure the battery is fully charge when modding.


Hi jzzz,

Thank you for the MP, it is nice.
Anyway, I have a problem...
When I use the phone for long enough, like for call or run the ELF/Java apps, the MP3/MP4 player will not run (no sound), either using music player or as ringtones.
Could you please help me?
I love this MP, so don't want to change, but this problem often make my incoming call/sms not notified.

Best Regards,


You mean that sometimes no ringing when incoming sms or call?
maybe you are entered the redmenu,right?
If it is right,the problem is entering redmenu causing problem in ringtone.
So do not enter redmenu if you are won't to restart,turn off or bootloader.
I will repack the elf soon.
To decrease some bug.


No, the problem is not the redmenu I think, because when I try the redmenu then there is still no problem in MP3/MP4 sound.
I forgot to mention this one: there is no problem if I don't use an MP3 ringtone, an sms/call ringtone still can be heard.
So, the MP3/MP4 problem is only after:
- call for long enough (not always).
- using ELF/Java apps for long enough.
In my imagination, it is like after we use an application that need a lot of processing time or memory, the MP3/MP4 problem will appear.


Maybe the problem is heap.
Try to change heap in setting-macho mod setting.
Select the other heap.


July 31, 2009, 11:40:50 AM #100 Last Edit: July 31, 2009, 12:39:51 PM by jzzz
Elf repacked!
Add more Elf apps,
But sorry,still the same elfloader,
I don't know why it can be update.
For someone that can update the elfloader,please tell Me!





cool ++
I think you can try with other patch elfpack.fpa and register.fpa
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Dear masta Jzzz and All,

maybe i'm late about this MP.
Yesterday i just got DL it.
I'm really like this MP.

The first everything run OK.
But after i add some skins.  I got strange.
The clock is disapper on screen.what was happen ?
Is this MP dosn't support if i add new skins.

Also please tell me why memory messages're little ?
about 20 Massages. Than i got warning memory is full.

Thanks you


jazz have no phone you can not? cz I get easily get mixed mp this problem?


Quote from: KHAYAT on August 13, 2009, 05:11:46 AM

Also please tell me why memory messages're little ?
about 20 Massages. Than i got warning memory is full.

Maybe your messages are saved on SIM Card.
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