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[ask for suggestion] software to flash e398 with MP

Started by fresh_sugar, January 25, 2009, 03:42:07 PM

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hi all.based on my last e398 accident, i think i have to ask the experts about this. i want to instal MP MotoHell_MP_49R_v1_E398. first i check the boot loader, it's 07.D0. thanks god. then the software version is
R372_G_0E.20.99R. (thanks god..?). i found some nice tutorial about flashing e398. it says to "back up my phone firmware, PDS and bootloader" and i've done it successfully.i use FlashBackup 2.62 to back it up.based on the tutorial,because my SW version is R372_G_0E.20.99R, i have to flash it first with 42_for_all_CG7_only.shx, and after that, i can continue with the MP. still, i confused about the software to install MP. on my computer, i have downloaded MOTOKUP and Flash-Backup. Can i use one of them to install MP? because from the tutorial, it uses MultiFlashFlex.exe . the other said it can be done by RSD Lite. Because i am a n00b, i should ask the expert, what software can i use to, and is the procedure the same as the other..?? thanks b4 bro..


i'm so sorry, i didn't notice that somebody has the answer in this forum

sorry for this inconvenience..