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C650 with S BLANK NEPTUNE and doesn't show Bootloader screen

Started by radicalisto, June 09, 2008, 09:29:52 AM

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C650 dead,blank screen,can't shows bootloader screen,RSD lite detect  it as S BLANK NEPTUNE,cannot restore backup using FlashBackup 3/RamLdr. How to fix it without TP (if possible)? Serious solution needed. Thanx in advance.



in my C650 (before to crash) i ever can flash it with multiflashflex... try them



Try using Motorola Repair studio demo version, repair your PDS ( Follow the instruction) and flash it with FB 2.62  with MP what you like


even no screen on the phone - if RSD detects your phone you are good to go and flash it... The backup may be corrupted - just flash stock firmware


try to flash with rsd lite, or p2k easy tool 3.7, i dont, try to repair pds, then flash it again


does this solution works?

also have same problems..

plss help.. :'(


help me, c380 blank screen after flash to c380ip
how to show bootloder screen


Repair PDS using repstudio demo and flash with RSD lite or restore full backup if have backup 16MB using flashbackup.
If still cannot erase must do TP or repair PDS using smartmoto with smartclip.