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[Release] Blackout Menace MP for v360

Started by Last1Left, January 16, 2008, 06:00:47 PM

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January 16, 2008, 06:00:47 PM Last Edit: January 23, 2008, 04:14:32 PM by Last1Left

All screenShots were made with screener.elf

Phone model: v360w
SW: R5413_G_08.B7.ACR
Flex: Last1Left Flex 1.3
Tehnology: v360 Quadband
For bootloaders 08.A0 and 08.D0, flash it using F&B 3.0.6. creat a backup before flashing

- new elf pack enable
- no multifont
- Verdana font
- 10 languages (US English, Romanian, Russian, French, Greek, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Turkish) or lp 0015 (english and chinese) thanks yuet for helping me with the translation
- files sorted by name not by time in multimedia
-  .zip files in video folder
- dnp.prf with changes for 11 languages: US English, Romanian, Russian, French, Greek, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish and Chinese

- launch Opera Mini from WebAcces

- removed RSA verification
- customized bootscreen
- java heap increased to 1400kb
- compatible with sticky firmwares (AER, E0R)
- dual corelet: Mediaviewer and Bullforg iTunese
- Corelet menu icon (in Multimedia)
- USB Charging option (in Initial Setup)
- Block network signal option in Initial Setup (Airplane Mode)
- Nightmode in Initial setup (start at 23.00 and end at 6 am)
- Reboot Phone option (in Settings - Phone Status)
- useless folders on TF removed
- Display Timeout 20sec, 40sec, 1 minute, 2 minutes
- new and improved Autolock keypad option (in Initial Setup) – keypad locks at the time set for Display Timeout
- Automatic unlocking of keypad when certain events occur
- lock/unlock keypad Menu + Menu
- Imei on * 6
- Opcode on Menu 0
- * + * opens Main Menu from almost everywhere (running a Java app, browsing, during call etc)
- retain calls list (dialed and received) when changing sim card
- sound&vibration when using the side volume keys eliminated
- mms size 1000kb (network dependant)
- improved sms/mms delivery reports feature. You can now select Yes or No and your choice will be retained
- sms ringing tone is the default one (the one selected in Ringing Styles) even for phonebook entries that have a custom tone associated
- ringtones and phonebook contacts pictures from TF
- Blacklist category in Phonebook
- snooze time in Alarm Clock changed from 8 min to 10 min
- automatic photo saving (after selecting Store)
- new zoom levels when viewing pictures (200 and 250 instead of 50% and 75%)
- corelets listed in Apps&Games (can be loaded in memory from here, but they still need to be launched using the Corelet icon in Multimedia menu)
- also, corelets can be moved to TF (possible better for the battery)
- java apps working with the usb cable connected
- all Java apps (from TF and from phone's memory) are shown in a single list – extra Java icon removed
- full Java access to system files
- tuning of display backlight behavior in Java apps from the phone's menu
- Java apps can be suspended (and can continue working) in background
- no confirmation asked when running Java apps from datebook
- custom vibration style in Java apps
- status line in Java apps can be removed
- status line icons changed (swapped Active Line with Location)
- all folders accessible in OBEX mode
- increased Bluetooth standby time
- receive all kind of files through BT (in video folder),
- The Bitrate of Mp3's is increased to 320kb
- Opera mini icon in WebAcces
- alarm clock icon in status line
- blacklist
- full java acces to system files
- new date format
- saving photo without menu
- 4 skins
- 2 modified mma_ucp
- 11 java applications
- unlock code: 0000
- security code: 000000
- webssession for Romania Orange and Vodafone
- video styles
- there are no start up and shut down sounds

Java Applications:
   - MediaViewer 0.26
   - iTunes by Bullfrog
   - Opera Mini mod 2.04
   - shMessenger 2.05( u can use this settings: shMessenger Username: motolovers and shMessenger Password: motorola) for a new account visit the official site
   - FaceWarp
   - J2MEdit
   - mTunes
   - Dictaphone
   - MP3 Tools
   - File Changer
   - winrar

   - B.W. Vista(renamed to Moto)
   - Zero176
   - MetalliKv2
   - SE_Black(use File Changer to change the mma_ucp to mma_ucp_SEblack)

Known issues:
   - while playing musing you can't connect to wap

about the elf application:
- copy Elf folder in TransFlash
- instaling Elf applications: go to Fbrowser( you will find it in Tools) and search in /b/Elf files with *.elf extension press the Menu Key and install
1>to run screener(an faster alternative to mssnap)
Go to fbrowser and to installed.. select screener.. it'll take you to the multimedia screen...
just click on the camera button, it'll save the screenshot in b/ as screenXX.bmp
press # to unload

2> SeemEditor - elf aplication for edit seems

3> MotoCmd -  file manager

QuoteDownload new version:


Nice MP.. Good work on that dude.. Keep it up :)
And thanks for using SE_Black :D


new version added ;)
thx JithinSk for making the skin :)