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Legitimate users deleted :(

Started by Exploited, December 20, 2011, 02:39:17 PM

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Sadly sadly sadly one of the antispam plugins in the forum deleted too many legitimate members who were inactive for a long time. So now many users are deleted when they shouldn't be...

If you cannot login to the forum and you did not visited Motohell from a long time, then you may be one of the affected. I am so sorry about that. Re-register and PM me with your old postcount, custom title, etc. so I can recover your profile.


Hello phil
Hello everyone
Hey im new here ... Lol

Maybe im the one from few members who get the id deleted because of the smf custom mod

Kinda shock that knowing my old id getting a guest for the title that effects everything
My join date my login time my (2000 or 3000 something) posts, my position as a global moderator

But that is okay since i don't mod motorola anymore (simply a normal user right now)
And i have a lot to do in my real life also im running the similiar forum and it is also getting quiet everyday..

I would like to say thanks to phil a.k.a exploited as the owner and founder of motohell.com for giving me a chance be one of his team. Also for the knowledge i get from this forum. Also for the global moderators team and for the members of motohell.
That day was fun .. Don't you guys agreed?

Hey.. This is not a goodbye speech..
I will come here often if i get spare time offcourse after finishing my real life works

For phil kindly don't restore my old account
I like it this way...
Let me know if you need my help i would be more than happy to help you



nice to see you around and not angry at me :)


my account also deleted , but i don't remember my post count :( & karma stats is ~90