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Pocket Divx Encoder Ver0.3.50

Started by error398, August 18, 2007, 05:04:23 AM

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This Encoder to encode ur fav. movie to avi.. so you can play with ZMplayer

Pocket Divx


cant download it .. got any alter link ??


actually it's working pretty nice... usually avi convertors are superbly complicated with tons of filters that you don't know... this one is simple



yeah.. bcoz this software only for phone hehehe...


Uses mencoder. (:
The (z)mplayer friend.


What setting did you use?
I tried VGA 640x480 with the following setting:
Video Quality = 10
Audio Quality = 4
Size changed to 340x220
Half-screen movie cropped to 340x220.

These settings works fine but sometimes it lags.


320x240 is a perfect resolution. I use 400kbps as bitrate, and mp3@128kbps