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[Help] List of Motorola Android Models

Started by mar.and65, April 29, 2011, 07:20:04 pm

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Any one care share a list of Motorola Phones which runs android. And with prices and specs if possible.


the latest model of motorola are using Androids.. the new one is ATRIX 4g or XOOM


XOOM seems to be more advanced than any other moto and one of the best honeycomb android tablets currently.
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I have a Motorola Dext. And it is running Android 2.1 :)


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Quote from: mar.and65 on April 29, 2011, 07:20:04 pm
Any one care share a list of Motorola Phones which runs android. And with prices and specs if possible.

Motorola has several phones with Android OS like the Atrix, Motoroi X, Motoroi, Droid X, Droid, Dext, Backflip, Spice, Defy. Motorola has also a tablet name Xoom with Android Honeycomb, I actually own 3 Motorola devices an Atrix, a Xoom tablet and a Motorola E8, so I do believe you question was instead which of the Motorola phones with Android turns out to be the best in relationship with it's quality/price variant?

I would certainly recommended you the Atrix which has quite the similar power of a computer (Netbook) with a 2 nucleus processor, in my case i had found in this phone a replacement for my laptop, so instead of taking a heavy laptop with you, just bring your Atrix in your pocket, is also very efficient, but the heating of this phone when using several apps could result a little bit annoying, the plastic of this phone is rubbish, and price can be an impediment sometimes for buying this phone (not for me), but at exchange you get a computer in the size of a phone, you also are getting a phone that deserves to be rub in the face of Steve Jobs, because the Atrix can't be compared to an iPhone, in small words the Atrix is way much better than the iPhone, and probably the Atrix could be more expensive than the iPhone, but it does certainly value every cent more you pay for the Atrix than for the iPhone.

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