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i need MP l6i

Started by java_koko, March 23, 2011, 09:52:17 PM

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butuh banget mp l6i bahasa iondo.....



Hi there,
Im also looking for a similar program to process orders.
My problem is that my files are all sorted in sub-directories by sections of a 5-day long dance competition and as there are about 160 sections, I have to use the basic search functions of windows - one at a time.

Would love to be able to just list all the file names in a spreadsheet  as Gregory mentioned, then run a program which would go through the list one by one automatically and collate all the files into a single directory, asking me/user to overwrite/append/skip for duplicate files.

Maybe theres a keen visual basic etc programmer out there who would want to give this fairly simple program a go?
Ive adapted one to create a whole directory tree from a spreadsheet but it took a very long time to make Would be happy to share it with anyone who might find it useful.