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How to Install HTC IME keyboard on your Droid X!

Started by ZduneX25, September 02, 2010, 01:50:57 PM

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For those of you who like the HTC Evo 4G and HTC Droid Incredible's keyboard, you can now install it on your Droid X.

First, download AndroZip from Market, which you will need to download a zip file.

Second, download this zip file, unzip, and open up HTC_IME_Clicker.apk.  Install and Press Done.

If you haven't installed any 3rd party apps before it will ask you to check "Unknown sources" so check that.

Next, also open up HTC_IME_themed_by_gIMpST.apk and install it.

Press Done, then go to Settings->Language & Keyboard and check off "HTC_IME mod".

Open up your browser, do a long press, select "Input Method",  then check "HTC_IME mod".  You can do this step again if you want to change back to default Droid X multi-touch keyboard or Swype.

Enjoy the HTC IME Keyboard!

Source: DroidX.net
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