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New E8 user.. FW that google doesn't find !

Started by Lord_manoX, August 15, 2010, 04:13:05 PM

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Does anyone know it ?

Also, when I want to see my BT version I just can't click on any button ...




Maybe it's a new one :) I haven't seen it before either!

Yes, when you turn off your E8 it seems like you can't press the keys. But the truth is you can never actually press them, all you feel when it's turned on is haptics feedback, and the keys themself are touch-sensitive keys.

So, when you turn it off, press and hold where the * and # buttons would be when it's on, and while holding down, pull the power switch until the bootloader shows up ;)

First, you MUST make a backup, because I really think that's a new firmware :D


So I don't need any update for it. Even if I can't add skins or stuff it's fine.

Anyways, I'm using another mobile the "flipout" one.