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[MILESTONE] How to install any .SBF (2.0, 2.0.1, 2.1)

Started by ZduneX25, August 01, 2010, 11:55:38 am

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We have to get the following:

A- RSD Lite 4.6: With this program we will be able to flash our phone and get the update manually. (What should Google to download)

B- Drivers of our Motorola milestone:

C- SBF: This is the update itself. (2.0, 2.0.1, 2.1, etc)

1. Install RSD Lite.
2. Once installed, install the appropriate drivers (32bits or 64bits depending on your operating system).
3. If we have Windows 7 or Vista, go where the RSD Lite installed (by default C: / / Program Files / Motorola / RSD Lite), SDL.exe select the file, right click on it and put Properties. Once inside, we will look at the bottom of the window a "Run as administrator." We accept and follow the normal steps.

4. Unzip to any folder on our SBF. There will be a file of the same name as the zip file with a. Sbf.
5. Open RSD Lite. And we put in Filename, the location of our SBF.

Now we let the computer. Let the phone.

6. Turn it off.
7. Taking down the arrow up the phone, he was apprehended. A rare white letters appear. (Mode Flash)

8. Connect your phone via USB to the PC. In the phone will tell us which is connected by USB.

Back to the computer.

8a. In the RSD Lite put "Show Device" and detects our Milestone connected.
9. Place START and wait 10 minutes to complete. It's going to boot several times, not to worry. Once that says "Please manually power on ... bla bla bla", wait two minutes and removed the phone manually or garment is the same, nothing happens is safe.
10. Close the RSD Lite. We see a sign that says we can damage our phone ... but we take it out, haha, so good, put Close.
11. To enjoy.

- You do not ROOT, in fact I have not done that.
- If you want rooter post update, works with V5 ADBrecovery root.
- And for those who are afraid ... Always make backup of all things, and can return to this tutorial to the previous version they want.
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