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unable to flash E2, help please

Started by gothicprince, February 11, 2010, 12:16:27 AM

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I've read the guide, but everytime i try to flash the phone using RSD Lite, i get this msg

any help would be appreciated :)


If you're trying to flash a .sbf file AFAIK all you need to do is to setup the connection in your phone to be Modem, install the motorola drivers, and connect your phone in the first bootloader (don't press press Talking Phone button after the first boot screen).


i thing your problem is,
1. phone creating image 100%
2. waiting for interface....

at number 2.. you phone does't interface.. so when RSD lite procesing interface, you heve to take you USB from the PC and wait until2 second and then you put again your USB into your PC...so RSD lite will flash our phone...

congratulation bro...

sory for my bad english, im indonesian moder

moded in islamic boarding school of el-mukmin ngruki_islamic underground comunity