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E2 Krakatau II

Started by baghost, August 03, 2009, 01:48:07 PM

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August 03, 2009, 01:48:07 PM Last Edit: August 12, 2009, 05:30:01 PM by baghost
Hi, Although it may not great, but i want to share my customize MP again.
I named it Krakatau II coz the base is still from Krakatau (from e2Legend)
I made some little modification, some stuff i got from MP Zero4AP by Mohamed David and MAXXIV by 3-D, so BIG THANKS and credit to him, hope you dont mind.

Here's some description that maybe useful for you, it's still the same description but better to write it from the beginning :
1. E2 Legend Feature :
   - Php loader included in fw
   - Ilove3d V3 Kernel (i didn't use kernel sdhc fix, coz i dont have sdhc right now, not yet, but you can try)
   - Intense Stereo sound
   - radio without headset
   - rokr revival stuff
2. AiOlangpack by Vanhieumai, (with english phone talking works, but unsure works correctly), if you want to use phone talking, please turn off "Shortcut Menu" first, you can do it with autorun manager or vrreplace -> shortpress -> restore the default. I add option shortcut menu on vrrreplace too, if you want to switch back.
3. Switch Kaleidoscope on/off with Autorun manager
   - if you choose to disable kaleidoscope at autorun manager, restart the phone, wait about 1
minutes & kaleidoscope feature will disabled, thanks to script maker
4. Autorun Manager automatically execute menu.lin and swap partition. There's another option, you can choose to on/off it or add a new script.
5. Support MPT both in kalei/non kalei, credit to 3-D (MAXXIV)
6. Skins : ZN5
7. Websession data connection : Indonesia operator
8. Apmd default 208/312/416
9. Games : AirHockey
10. splashscreen taken from MAXXIV MP by 3-D
11.E2Menu reordered (shortcut menu) at Voice button
12.Apps in 3 folder at office tools menu
-Utilities   : phoneware manager, linksys, sysinfo, taskmanager, SDmanager, Skinmanager, openwith, e2light, Screen3, VMemory, screenshot, photorename, Endsession
-Programs : AdvMenuOrganizer, Backuptools, AdvVolEditor, FontChanger, FsMan, TextEditorX2.1, JavaHS, Vrreplace, Hidefolder, pictureflow, Picview, ezxterm
-RokrRevival : AutorunManager, Task Manager, rokrLight
13.Text plain file automatically view by TextEditorX2.1, *.pic automatically view by picview
14.Add some border to make your friend or little sister looks cute lol.
15.You can change font with fontchanger or just click the font on filemanager,
Total font is 10, but if you want to add new font you can copy to "MyFont" at root SD(you have to manually made that folder first, fontname must be no space and *.ttf extension must be in lowercase. To switch back to default font you can delete myfont.ttf at My_FAVOR folder)
16.Change font simultaneously with disable kaleidoscope didn't make phone freeze again.
17.Compressed file(Zip, Rar, 7Z etc) can be view with TReader before you extract them.
18.All Menu now fully recognized by Adv Menu organizer, no more <<<no data>>>, you can reorder with multiple action if you dont like the default structure menu.

Tested successfully flashed with RSD lite 4.1
Please Backup your data before you flash and do it at your own risk (:peace:)

Thanks to :
-   keaglez, fich, montox, dj, andrei, paradox, huatz84, konspirasi, Abang, Pahlevy, koecrit, adlysyahmi, RasahCrigis, Xufuchang, Aries6060, hwoarang, Ini Johan, harlinbom2 & all motolovers member.
-   Mohamed David for E2Legend
-   NestorM, Strelok_Vlad, fuzhuo20, keaglez, arctu and all apps maker (sorry i can mention it one by one, too much person, i just can say Big thanks and All credit goes to apps, script, skin, AiOlang, revival project, kaleidoscope, kernel maker, forgive me for grab your masterpice without permission)
-   Motohell.com, ModMyMoto.com, Motofan.ru, Moto.it168.com and all other Motomodding forum.

Hope you'll like it



                                        Indonesian Motousers Community


I'll try your f/w asap. (mebbe tonight)
Thank you, baghost.



Speed: Very fast
Look & Feel: Good
Stability: Can perform master clear and master reset without any problem, sync smoothly with MPT, support multi-language (currently I use EN-TH-CH)

No bug found so far.

Thank you again for a great MP.


August 04, 2009, 08:26:16 PM #4 Last Edit: August 04, 2009, 10:00:17 PM by Diablo
Does this support 4GB NON-SDHC cards?


is this MP can used for ROKR E2 bootloader: BP_NOT_READY Boot Module BOOT_G_00.02.85R_SUMATRA
cause read from  https://motohell.com/index.php?topic=3270.0,is the problem have solved?
help me pleaaase


August 05, 2009, 08:55:29 AM #6 Last Edit: August 05, 2009, 09:22:23 AM by baghost
Quote from: Diablo on August 04, 2009, 08:26:16 PM
Does this support 4GB NON-SDHC cards?

i think yes

Quote from: CORO on August 05, 2009, 06:38:32 AM
is this MP can used for ROKR E2 bootloader: BP_NOT_READY Boot Module BOOT_G_00.02.85R_SUMATRA
cause read from  https://motohell.com/index.php?topic=3270.0,is the problem have solved?
help me pleaaase

i unsure and don't know about that bootloader, please be careful
This MP tested on my phone with bootloader :BOOT_G_00.02.05R_SUMATRA

@ tegezan, thanks bro  :)

@ ong14,
on your phone does your ZN5 skin looks "weird" right after flashed with RSDlite?
but when turn on again it looks normal. i face this, but its not big problem i think.


I'm not sure about the skin after flashing because I did a master clear and master reset immediately.
ZN5 skin looks good on E2.

Thanks for contributing to our E2 community.


Great mp... Mirror please. I can't download from mediafire. Thanks b4. :)


There is a bug with Adv Volume Table Editor,It gives a error of Default table not found if you dont make any changes...


mirror please at e2mod.com. bcoz i cant download from mediafire. sorry for my bad english :-[ :-[

Mohamed David

wow baghost, great work, downloading...


Mohamed, nice to see you  :)
Many thanks to you, hope you will release MP again  8)


nice! thanks for share dude. ;)


you are best indo modder