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[FW] In the End: E2 Legend

Started by AV3LaR, December 28, 2008, 08:09:12 AM

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Use a font which supports unicode will fix it.Or flash your LP.


Nice FW,it's fast,but can anyone tell me how to use the program fastload and bind manage?They don't work I think.Sorry for my poor English.


Quote from: huatz84 on February 20, 2009, 05:45:40 PM
Use a font which supports unicode will fix it.Or flash your LP.

how can I know the font supports unicode? I have this problem too...

My Font is... Agency FB

This font don't have the char with ~`^ยด... how can I put or edit?



Yessssss. i luv this firmware.
u r my hero


yes.. anyone can give us idea what's the best langpack for this MP that support unicode?tnx


i can't get radiocomm to work with this FW, I've just discovered radiocomm and don't know aything about it, someone could give me a clue?


this is the best mp i ever tested. . functionality and stability..excellent.. two things i dont lyk only.. the skin and no font changer.. i tried installing font changer but doesnt work.. anyone can help us or suggest font changer program that can work in this mp? tnx,,


i tried flashing langpacks to this firmware..and it successfully flashed. but this this many programs are not running now including autorun manager, hide folder, ampd changer..  I NEED WE NEED A SPECIAL LANGPACK FOR THIS FW.


i've tried this fw but there is softlock function (c+*) right?

can anyone tell me how to include to this fw


i would like to say this fw is amazing, everybody try it, um and remind other members not to say "sorry 4 bad english" its okay, this is a multi-continential forum.


How Can I install softlock3.mpkg on this F/W ??

Pls tell me the way Thx a lot !!!



after flash with this fw will all my data connections erased? do i need to backup all data connections?
data connections that i meant is under settings >connections. sorry for my noob question, i'm new in flashing E2. one more question, if i want to reflash back to my original fw, how can i backup my original fw before i flash to this new fw? thanks...