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[FW] In the End: E2 Legend

Started by AV3LaR, December 28, 2008, 08:09:12 AM

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December 28, 2008, 08:09:12 AM Last Edit: December 28, 2008, 10:58:34 PM by AV3LaR
E2 Legend: The Tyrant Predecessor

Hi everyone i finally bring to you my Legend, the last part of the Hades saga, it's the end of this story, but possibly the begin of another (if i can get my PC back together :D), let's see some interesting thigs of this FW:

.-MotoID ready and working
.-Intense stereo sound
.-No bugs so far
.-Movistar's Websessions Argentina's Personal
.-You can use Ñ and also words with tilde
.-Thanks to the Revival  pack the messages bug it's corrected :)
.-Voice commands are off*
.-Nice speed and battery duration
.-Ilove3d's V3 Kernel
.-Almost no lag when writting SMS
.-Skin Default: Hybrid H3 by the great Misterpu
.-New method to OverClock:
using the APMD manager you may select from a list of apmd's y and the one you select will be set by default, if you want to add your own apmd for the app to use them, you only have to put them in the apmd folder located in the .system folder in your phone memory (with telnet) they must have a .apmd end, like XXX.apmd, my_apmd.apmd, etc
.-My_FAVOR can execute: volumetable, font, start up sound, apmd & flexbit.
.-PHP Loader is included in the fw, so it'll make easier to execute PHP-based apps, no need to add extra stuff, simplier, better :)
.-The apps are both in english and spanish, and they change with just rebooting
.-Camera resolution modified to:
.-Default video res: 320x240

Apps included in FW
.-Software Manager
.-System Info
.-Skin Manager
.-Cambiar tiempos
.-Abrir con
.-SD Manager**
.-Photo rename
.-Adv Volume Editor
.-Adv Menu organizer

New apps:
.-APMD Manager
.-E2-Menu v1.3
.-Autorun Manager (translated by me :))
.-Mount Manager: This app mounts and unmounts the partitions in the SD card and also the files mounted by autorun.
.-Task Manager: Is beta but working just nice.
.-rokrLight: This app allows you to use the screen as light, it's in PHP, it was written for the Revival project
.-Hidefolder v2.2: Hide folder, keaglez presented to us, so i think we know what it does.

Credits to NestorM for being the only beta tester, to all the people who participated in the Revival project, especially to arctu, keaglez, Taurnil, Rauna, and evryone who made this possible, like ilove3d
and specially to the creator of the FW my friend
Mohamed David



December 28, 2008, 08:57:35 AM #1 Last Edit: December 28, 2008, 09:00:57 AM by Polar_BearXL
is it wrong if i say this is the reincarnation of Revival Project? are all the program already written in english natively or some in spanish like Casseopeya? Thanx

PS: Uhh, Sir, you forgot the link


yeah... I searched a lot for the link :)

Joka X


Haha... Is it already the time for a "legendary" MP? LOL ;D Not yet, believe me, the E2 development hasnt ended yet! ;)

Btw nice, I see lot of Revival stuff here, yes, you did it! Nice work! Finally I can see people using our work...! ;D When the links ready and my connection speed back, I'll flash it.
Best regards,
Jeffri H.



Sorry for the forgoten link
Mohamed was going to give a new FW i think next month but his PC got broken, so i think unfortunately, is gonna be a while for him to give us a new FW  >:(


Uh, Av3lar, do we have to use the .shx file?



Just if you want, it's for Argentina, if you aren't there then it's probable you won't ever need it, you don't need to :)


hahaha, too late, i already flash this fw, and i already use the shx, by the way, it's great, i like the device manager, nice job really.
By the way, why does it called Libra's Arms?? just curious


uhm... my apmd switcher is there ^^
It's good to see your work being used ;)


will there be a kaleid version?

need the softlock as i screwed up mine...


Yup, mohamed asked to present it here, bcus his PC got broken :( btw you are in holidays, just wonder :)?

Well if you saw Saint Seya, then you know, Mohamed loves that series, so he got inspired by it :)

You can try this :)