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[MOD] PinkMod 1.7 English version and Bugfixed

Started by kidscracker, May 24, 2009, 10:14:52 PM

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May 24, 2009, 10:14:52 PM Last Edit: November 12, 2009, 05:55:36 PM by kidscracker
Well after one day translating and fixing some bugs and making some changes so it won't need any flash, just the same as the PinkMod 1.2. Just follow the next steeps:
1) copy the .system folder to your SD (Making a backup of your own)
2) Replace the XXXXXXXXXX in the CardRegistry and MemoryCardRegistry that are inside .system/java wiht your IMEI
3) reboot
4) Go to Games/Applications
5) Select Install MOD and wait, i tiwll take sometime
6) Now you'll have the Mods Installed.

NOTE: Your SysMenuTree will be discarted, since i make a simlynk to the one the mod had in the SBF

All the scripts are working, even UNZIP  and UNRAR (Thanks to OCM770 :D for taking it out from 0ENoRSA). Hope you have fun with it.



- Translated all the Scripts to English (at least they are undestandable)
- SysRegistry and SysMenuTree now are in the mod directory and there's no need to flash anything. They are symlinked
- unrar binary is included so even without NoRSA Fw you'll have it.
- unzip, scripts and unrar scripts were corrected to they'll work in any FW (added the path to show* binaries).
- Hidden folder now is named "Personal"
- Archives are unpacked inside "Archives" directory in the SD.

I think that those are all the changes i've made. I'm planning to add 16 items menu also, it will be an update to the grid_chooser script.

Alternative way to install it (Over PinkMod 1.2 or ZN5 Tools or Just Telnet enabled Phone)

Well if you know have telnet do these steps:
1) Install PinkMod 1.2 to get Telnet
2) Copy the mod and medl folder from PinkMod 1.7 to the .system folder in your SD
3) Connect via telnet to your phone
4) write these command in your phone:
rm -r /ezxlocal/medl
rm -r /mnt/msc_int0/bin
rmdir /mnt/msc_int0/bin
cp /mmc/mmca1/.system/medl/medld.conf /ezxlocal/medl/medld.conf
rm /ezxlocal/download/appwrite/am/mime.types
cat /ezxlocal/medl/medld.conf
5) if you cannot see anything after the last command then you'll have to copy medld.conf file manually again, or via FTP.
6) If you see the content of medld.conf thet you're ready to go. just reboot your phoen and you're done.

Hope it works for you, as it did for me


check again your link please?
btw, thanks 4 share! :)

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hi buddy

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