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Ucweb 6.3 Mod

Started by phaipunk, May 17, 2009, 10:44:45 am

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QuoteHi friends here the Ucweb 6.3 Mod english version with some new features like

auto refresh and download block size.

It with english start page with useful sites links and pre added 2 bookmarks one

for Ucweb English forum & 2nd for wap.Ucweb.com

Download block enables you to specity block size for downloads. You can set it to

form 100 KB to 3 MB.
Auto Refresh feature is available for wap sites. It useful for chatting sites.

If you have problem that Ucweb redirect to mobile ver of sites than try this.

Goto Preference - Basic settings - and look for User Agent (UA) and select Opera

it wants that to sites open web ver instead to wap/mobile ver. Coz I've fixed

Opera ua to works as PC browsers. For example when you open Google.com it gives

you mobile ver. But if you select opera it give you web ver like in pc browsers.

Download Here-[ftp=ftp://http://www.sharemobile.ro/download.php?id=312431]http://www.sharemobile.ro/download.php?id=312431[/ftp]

source: http://www.esato.com/board/viewtopic.php?topic=183778


Phai... Thanks for share here :)
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can u attach the file?

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Thx @zdune 4 attached the file:D/