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Preparation of multilingual mpkg's

Started by Exploited, July 17, 2007, 02:46:52 PM

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Great! HideFolder should be ready soon (all langs collected)


July 25, 2007, 08:51:05 PM #31 Last Edit: July 25, 2007, 11:27:24 PM by Taurnil
Angry I think ubackup v0.1 has chinese lng now, pls update it.

hmm.... It's already updated, and your name is there since you helped me with the chinese translation ^^
THX A LOT, yjplsn :D

please, I need the language strings (en_us, es_co.... al those) to avoid the using of a language menu and make the apps detect the language :P
I'll pack and post hidefolder's mpkg without language detection (with the language menu)


to portuguese-brazil is pt-br.
thanks by includes the my lang  ;D

y muchas gracias (en su lengua) por la opotunidad de contribuir con la comunidad, nosotros somos de naciones hermanas, viva la sulamerica  :D ;)


HideFolders project finished. Now let's focus on MPG123 - 4 langs are still missing



Quote from: Exploited on July 25, 2007, 03:05:50 PM
it should be code "id-id" or?

maybe. but i saw in /ezx_user/download/appwrite/setup/ezx_system.cfg
LanguageType = in


maybe it's just "in"...
did you try the script? ;)


MPG321 in Portuguese-BR, pt-br
MPG321_1="Escolha os arquivos"
MPG321_2="MPG321 detectou"
MPG321_3="Terminar ?"
MPG321_4="Comece a tocar!"
MPG321_5="Criar playlist"
MPG321_6="Deletar playlist"
MPG321_7="Playlist não encontrada"
MPG321_8="Criar playlist agora?"
MPG321_9="Playlist criada"
MPG321_10="Começar a tocar?"
MPG321_11="Playlist deletada"



hidefolder v0.21 italian version!

The champion of the world is here  ;D ;D ;D

a1='Hidefolder v0.21'
a2='Quale cartella vuoi mostrare/nascondere?'
a3='Seleziona una cartella'
a4="Lista cartelle in 'hide.cfg'"
a6a="Vuoi nascondere "
a6b="la cartella?"
a7a="Vuoi rendere visibile "
a7b=" la cartella?"
a8b=" La cartella ora è nascosta."
a8c=" ora è visibile."
a8d=" è ancora nascosta."
a8e=" è ancora visibile."
a10a="Errore: "
a10b=" La cartella non esiste. Controlla '.hide.cfg' file nella tua memory card."
a10c=" non può essere nascosta."
a10d=" non può essere resa visibile."
a11="Errore: non ci sono i file 'hide.cfg' o '.hide.cfg' nella tua memory card."
a12='Seleziona una cartella:'
#New Text constants, v0.2.1
b001="Vuoi proteggere questa applicazione con una password?"
b002="Si prega di inserire la nuova password:"
b003="Si prega di confermare la nuova password:"
b004="Password salvata"
b005="Ora questa applicazione è protetta da password."
b006="Password errata"
b007="La password e la conferma non sono uguali.Riprova."
b008="Questa applicazione non ti chiederà alcuna password per funzionare."
b009="Si prega di inserire la password:"
b010="Password errata.Prova ancora."
b011="Cosa vuoi fare?"
b012="Mostra/Nascondi cartelle"
b013="Imposta/cambia password"
b014="Rimuovi password"
b014b="Cambia lingua"
b016="Vuoi rimuovere la tua password?"
b017="Non hai rimosso la tua password."


hoho, thanks :D
I will include this langfile in the mpkg soon :)

would you help us translating mpg123 into italian? how is your language string? it-it?


hey in vietnamese, language string original is vi, but it's very slow when we use this tring because it active iTAP dict. i must modify LP for vietnamese and change the string to vie then iTAP dict is inactive, well, my phone go to faster.  ;D

here's vietnamese langfile


Ok I don't see more interests in MPG123 application, so I guess our manager here needs to compile it, ok? :)

Then we will move on to the next project


Quote from: Taurnil on July 17, 2007, 11:00:37 PM
Some weeks ago I made an application to hide one or more folders in your SD card. Even it has password protection  8) (optional).  We can start translating it, if you want.

I will post the strings ;)
(feel free to correct my bad english  :-[)


a1='Hidefolder v0.21'
a2='Which folder do you want to show/hide?'
a3='Choose a folder'
a4="folder list in 'hide.cfg'"
a6a="Do you want to hide "
a7a="Do you want to show "
a7b=" folder?"
a8b=" folder is now hidden."
a8c=" is now visible."
a8d=" is still hidden."
a8e=" is still visible."
a10a="Error: "
a10b=" folder does not exist. Check '.hide.cfg' file in your memory card."
a10c=" can't be hidden."
a10d=" can't be shown."
a11="Error: there's no 'hide.cfg' or '.hide.cfg' file in your memory card."
a12='Select a folder:'
#New Text constants, v0.2.1
b001="Do you want to protect this application with a password?"
b002="Please type your new password:"
b003="Please confirm the new password:"
b004="Password Stored"
b005="Now this application is password protected."
b006="Wrong passwords"
b007="Password and confirmation are not the same. Please try again."
b008="This application won't ask you for any password to work."
b009="Please type the password:"
b010="Wrong password. Please try again."
b011="What do you want to do?"
b012="View/hide folders"
b013="Set/change password"
b014="Remove password"
b014b="Change language"
b016="Do you want to remove your password?"
b017="You have not removed your password."

Wich other applications should we translate? I mean, maybe linksys, reboot, fotoren?

edit: (Exploited): Fixed some minor spelling in the English strings

Arabic Language

a1='Hidefolder v0.21'
a2='????? ????? ???? ???? ??????/ ??????'
a3='????? ??????'
a4="?????? ??????? ?? 'hide.cfg'"
a6a="?? ???? ???????? "
a7a="?? ???? ??????? "
a7b=" ???????"
a8b=" ?? ????? ??????"
a8c=" ?? ????? ??????"
a8d=" ????"
a8e=" ????"
a10a="???: "
a10b=" ?????? ??? ????? ???? '.hide.cfg' ??? ????? ???????"
a10c=" ?????? ???????"
a10d=" ?? ???? ???????"
a11="???.?? ???? ??? 'hide.cfg' ?? '.hide.cfg' ??? ????? ???????"
a12='????? ????:'
#New Text constants, v0.2.1
b001="?? ???? ????? ???????? ????? ???"
b002="?? ???? ???? ???? ???? ???????:"
b003="?? ???? ??? ????? ???? ????:"
b004="?? ????? ???? ????"
b005="???? ???????? ???? ????? ??"
b006="???? ?? ???"
b007="???? ???? ? ??????? ??? ????????"
b008="?? ??? ?????? ?? ???? ??"
b009="?? ???? ???? ???? ????:"
b010="???? ?? ??? ?? ???? ???? ??? ????"
b011="?? ???? ???? ?????"
b012="?????/ ????? ????"
b013="?????/ ??? ???? ??"
b014="????? ???? ????"
b014b="????? ?????"
b016="?? ???? ????? ???? ???? ?????? ???"
b017="?? ??? ????? ???? ????"


w00t! arabian FTW! :D
I'll include the files and pack the mpkgs...
BUT STILL I NEED THE LANGUAGE STRINGS: en-us, es-co, id-id? ¿?¿?