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Help L6

Started by PolizeIRC, March 16, 2009, 08:42:56 AM

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Hi there,
I need help with my L6. Do any one know if there is a short pin for L6 like E398?
After i charge my batt using the desktop charger the phone just wont turn on. I tried to change batt with the new one and still cant turn on.
It also cannot turn to flash mode.
I need an idea please...

Thank you very much.
(Sory for bad english)


have you check the connector ?
is that clean


i've check all the conector, pin and everything. it all looks fine.
Please help me :-\


Try testpoint.. Google it..

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anyone who can help me to fix my moto l6...the problem is i can not program, using the flashback up....because my phone is automatically restarting while I'm editing the seem...and anyone who can give or share to me the original seem of the Motorola l6... please
God Bless and thank you.. Dj


Look it THIS
God Bless 2 m8!