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Monster pack n others

Started by birdboi, March 01, 2009, 02:05:04 PM

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hey guys my phone is one of those chinese l6i.I want to flash it with a latest Mp,and there also some programs i don't need coz they only work in china!Which iz the most suitable mp?n i have other questions too:can a moto l6i b modified to create new folders.once i have made skins 4 it can i download skins from da internet?can i replace(just an example) my games with real player or Wma player?can i also make any computer identify my phone as a removable device


You can go to Modmymoto for the best L6i modding stuff.You can make a new folder.In Moto P2k it's called as new category.You can't have realplayer or wmaplayer on your phone coz it's not a smartphone.It's impossible.L6i doesn't support mass storage mode.Use MPT to transfer all your files.