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software for vista

Started by cakman, January 20, 2009, 12:37:42 pm

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is anyone have a software for moto for windows vista?
ex: M-explorer?
coz when i plug my phone to computer, i must instal M-explorer first to used on P2K...


i think you mean drivers

because i have used many programs and all works on vista. i will send you the link for drivers via pm, you only will need to install it 1 time,


yeah maybe....but it work in all program?
ex: when i instal a new skin with skiman or java app with motomidman, i have to instal M-explorer first...
but, thx for help me...  ;)

i'll waiting you....


he2 on my vista fb307 work bro
so change your driver
just go to e398mod.com n download the driver


you need to install only 1 time, alll programs will work.

these drivers were downloaded from motorola.

everytime that u conect a motorola, automatically the drivers willl be instaled, without need to install them everytime.