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Urgently need to solve this problem....

Started by 3sixthy, October 20, 2008, 04:22:24 PM

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October 20, 2008, 04:22:24 PM Last Edit: October 20, 2008, 04:26:32 PM by 3sixthy
well, my Frend's E398 moto get an error... ???
the screen is changed bcome orange w/ so many data shown there...
what problm is it? cz it's not my phone I doubt to flash the phone...
p.s. : it can go bootloader
these r the pix....


Press Red Button until u see phone desktop.
Try to go to FEM
Field Test Status > Availability > Set To "OFF"
Exit from FEM, you'll see a notification...
And then restart your phone...


thx bro...I'll try the steps...
but, If Im not mistaken the phone cannot go to the desktop...
hmm, I'll try it....thx


you can, just repeatedly press red button...


well, I've flashed that phone...nd' back to normal...
thx rhezz...

btw, Is it cz by the FTS?


Your friend has messed up with the Engineering menu.There's an easy way to fix it. Turn off your phone.Then,charge your phone with phone is still off.Then,after on the phone screen appears 'charging',turn on your phone with the charger still pluggging in.It will force your phone into menu.So,U can browse to the Engineering menu and set everything back there.


well, as I said the phone cant go to the desktop...stuck in the orange wall....

I've tried ur method(huartz84) when he sent the phone to me...but it's not worked..
weird huh?

Anyway, the phone is normal again after I flash it... :)

thx guys



to remove the orange screen just press:

menu + left softkey

The phone will be normal
doesn't need a new flash
I´m sammdie.:D