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MP L6 dan L6i

Started by Anger29, August 27, 2008, 05:46:39 PM

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da yang pny MP L6 dan L6i dengan bahasa Indonesia gak?


Reflash lang pack whit same firmware n use FB n mark lang pank only sir

tested by me


I'm e398 users. n now i have l6. I want to upgrade but i don't know how to (Boat loader)
help me please....

sorry 4 my bad english. i hope you understand it  :P


It's the same - find a good firmware and flash it... :)


sorry, where can i get mp's for L6i?,..
and how about BL,?, because 2 month ago my phone is dead,
maybe i used wrong Mp before,..
"first i flash with china Mp ok but not my style, than i change with MOtomafia Mp (L6) ok mybe this wrong, and go back china Mp but not up, Juix final Mp,,, just "flip" light and dead... i try any MP's but still not work
and over to Moto service... :-[
now my L6i is back, but i must be carrefuly 4 that, so i need U sugest... 8)
thanx 4 all...
i love this forum...
sory my english very very bad... :)


Be tried wear langpack e398 usually can


Really ? We can use e398 lang pack?