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How to change the default start-up tone and start-up animation of L6?

Started by commander, April 25, 2008, 01:32:10 PM

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How can I change the default start-up animation and sound of a Motorola L6. I tried it using p2k tools. But I was not aware that which files are to be replaced and in which folder they resides. If somebody knows, tell me please.
Also i would like to know that is a Java version of AntiMosquito available for l6.
Thank you


Is like this,,

i think it is in file,,or tools,,dont remember



I, myself found solution for this. I have successfully changed the default start-up tone of my L6. But I am still trying to change the default start-up animation(hello moto).
to change the start up tone,
connect your L6 to PC via usb
run P2K tools
Click refresh
open /c/mobile/audio/
u will have to backup this folder (to backup, click download)
u will have to rename the file  which you would like add as the startup tone to "Start~up". It must be an mp3 file.
then click upload and choose this file.
After the upload its all done.

Any body know how to change the start up animation? Please reply


you can use the same program u used to change startup tone
check in /a/ you should find the .gif file ( i dont remember the file's name)



to change hellomoto screen try bootscreen injector v 3.0 and you can change the hello moto screen.

Try getjar.com for antimosqito 's java file.