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any SMS Counter ???

Started by _am_, March 14, 2008, 08:12:38 PM

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hello guys...

i was curious that is there any way to count the incoming or out going or both incoming and outgoing sms in our e398... actually i am on RGF MP ...

thanks for helping...


isn't there any hope guys ??? please help me out..


Yup yup :)
THere is an ELF from china for that now ;)


hey NiKSY.. can you please tell me in details,,,, where in china.. and how to install it...

thanks very much for help... :D


Just check the elf section. U'll find the answer...


Sorry I didnt see your next question Bhas ;)

The elf sms counter is buggy ATM... If it shows more than 100 it can show something like 1003 instead of 100.. Its being worked on :)


ohhh!!! then i guess i'll have to wait until the elf is bug free...
thanks for the information..