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.mp4 or .3gp

Started by farkzlay, January 10, 2008, 08:58:54 AM

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on RGF MP vid rec stored in mp4 format.
which one is better 3gp or mp4 for our e398/rokr e1?


Not much difference.. In fact,I haven't noticed any..


there is some differences b/w 3gp & MP4. I thing MP4 is having better picture and sound clarity. Stereo is possible in MP4. Also the frame rate of video capture is better in MP4 compared to 3gp. ;)


Agreed to jith, i haven't notice any difference between video recording in mp4, or in 3gpp...


just use AAC format for better sound quality  ;)


I don't feel any difference too. Some are saying that it's just rename of extension also :)