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Activating Media Viewer

Started by [Sniper], December 08, 2007, 03:15:36 AM

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Currently using MotoMusiqV3 right now and one question though is how do I activate Media Viewr? Ever since I disabled the setting for "open iTunes whenever this mobile phone is connected" all the phone java apps suddenly got deleted and now I'm back to square. I re-installed both iTunes and VirtualCorelet (and changed the attributes to corelet) but can't even ever activate them using the media viewer button..any help would be appreciated. Tnx

Jay Chou

You meant square one? lol ::)
You have to install your selected corelets using .jad file not .jar
By installing using the .jad file of the corelets, it automatically sets its attributes to corelet
i hope this helps


Yeah I meant square one..lol!!! Tnx man, but somehow can't even get the other corelet to function..I mean when I do try to unload virtual corelet then replace it with iTunes it just hangs and iTunes doesn't show..how do I enable two corelets to be viewed in my E398? By the way, using MotoMusiq V3 and somehow when I delete the default iTunes (by Poer) and replace them by another one, the other iTunes does not work.


you could try deleting the itunes folder on the trans flash. hope it helps

Jay Chou

Yeah, i agree with yozman..
Delete your itunes folder from your microsd
and try the dual corelet function again


I tried deleting Itunes already and yet......it just won't show..lol! There's a dual corelet function that has to be enabled? No wonder I can't get the other iTunes to show up!lol...how do I activate/reinstall the dual corelet function? Really a noob here..hehehe

Jay Chou

The tutor and,
here it goes

1)Install your 2 favourite corelets using .jad in order according to your taste .
  eg: Install iTunes then MV or MV then iTunes.
2)Enable Shortcut from 'Games & Apps' for corelets
   or patch your CG1 with 'Corelet to show in Games & Apps' patch.
3)Restart phone.
4)Wait for the first corelet to load up.
5)Unload corelet if you want to change to the other.
6)Press combined shortcut or select corelet to load from 'Games and Apps'
7)Your second corelet will load.

It's a lil' complicating based on my tutor
If you still can't get it, here's Yuet's simplified version 

And remember if you want to activate the second corelet,
you have to unload the first one. ;)


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Wow,whats this?? English please.
Btw theres same topic in java section, thats should solve the problem.