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How to add feature of switching from phone to sim memory in 42r

Started by [Sniper], November 17, 2007, 09:22:29 PM

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I've had 42r for my phone for over a year now and it works great! It has great sound quality and less bugs than any other firmwares available for our beloved phone the E398. However one question still bugs me is that the new MP's that are made using the 42r firmware doesn't seem to have the resend function or even
a switch feature which lets the user choose between phone or sim memory in sms inbox. Ironically these features are present in the old 42r_for_all russian MP than in our newly made 42r MP's.

Any suggestions on ading these features back? I've already fixed the resend function by seem editing and I assume the the feature of switching between phone or seem memory is also done the same way that is by seem editing. Can any of you pros here help a noob like me? Tnx and more power to the modding community, these forums have really helped me alot..


yes you do all your question by seem editing please read sticky topics....
sorry cant give you direct links (stuck at operamini)



JithinSk.are have remember all bout seem editing in E398.wow!