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[ROKR E2] ChangeLogo in one second!

Started by ilove3d, November 07, 2007, 02:47:15 AM

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November 07, 2007, 02:47:15 AM Last Edit: November 07, 2007, 12:31:46 PM by Exploited
I wrote this small program for easily changing the boot logo and lock logo

simply extract the file I provided, copy the boot.gif as boot logo and lock.gif as lock logo beside the files of mine

click on the .lin file, follow the steps

yeah, it finished, try reboot to see the result

Download at http://www.e2mod.com/content/view/244/28/


note that both logo files should be smaller than 28kb, and should be exactly non-animation GIF image

you can put boot.gif only or lock.gif only, and sure boot.gif with lock.gif works good too


Wow changing bootscreen never been this easy. Thx for share it here to us


Great job,Ilove3d...It's so easy in changing bootscreen now...Thanx 4 share.


we have boot changer now.. Easy and fast.. add ur karma for useful software:)


wow, I didn't know there's a program did the same work

I wrote it in C++, a little bit more native and faster

nothing like busybox, awk etc needed


Good job, thanks, Ilove3d... DDSH has bring us the similar thing before, but i think a little bit different than yours... ;)
Best regards,
Jeffri H.



nice, small, usefull - that's the way I like it :)



Can we disable the lockscreen? Everytime my battery is drained and replace a full charged battery, the phone automatically locks itself and could not be turn-on anymore. I need to insert the USB charger or connect it to the computer to turn it on again.


how to backup the current boot logo?
btw wat is lockscreen?


Turn off your phone, lock your keypad and try turn on... The lock screen will appear... ;)
Best regards,
Jeffri H.


oh that screenlock. first time got my phone when tried to turn on my phone i saw that screen. only that time.  :o
so is there a way to backup the current logo?


nop.. but u can see at bootscreen thread..