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Problem Extracting Code Groups of RGF ... helppppp !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Started by _am_, October 24, 2007, 05:25:14 PM

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guys recently my e398 was dead, but i revived it just now.
now i am on R373_G_0E.30.42R_PDS004_LP002E_DRM0101_JPJAVA_G_0E_E790_00_00_21I_SE7007AXXU107A_for_all

but i wanted to put Revolution Grand Finale.. i downloaded it from the link in the thread RGF from motomodders.net ....
- i used the Flash Backup 2.62 which was present in the downloaded pack...
- i made all the backups necessary and flashed the phone with

- while flashing i m being stuck here....

the extracting of code groups stops right there.....
any idea what should i do  ????
thanks for helping....


try flashing using fb3 or MFF (part of motorola pst)

ps: those flasher tools are warez so please dont request here....thx


thank you very much... i dont have FB3 but i have MMF ...... what about RSD Lite 2.1.5 ?? can i flash e398 with it....


First.......... Flash ur Backup
then.......... Flash 42_for_all
then.......... Flash Modded MP



i had the same problem. fb2 can't extract rgf code groups so i used RSD Lite and it worked.


my problem solved too... and i successfully flashed with RGF.. great MP it rocks....
one more thing my phone is not shown by itunes.. so which version of iTunes should i use so that my e398 is shown in iTunes... my currently installed version is 4 ....


hmp you must crack the PDS to sync with iTunes.
hey why would you use itunes to upload music since the player itself can create database from phone..
another software to use without cracking pds is mediamonkey or mototunes
try it. the advantage using mediamonkey you can have artwork more faster


thanks MotoManiacsĀ®
is mediamonkey a warez too ?? if not can you please suggest me where to get it ??. just wanna try, but not necessarily needed as iTunes creates database from phone itself......

actually when iTunes created database, it selects all the .mp3 songs in the songs folder... is there any way so that we can skip some .mp3 files which we dont want in the database.. ?


try search on google keyword mediamonkey
there's no way to do that maybe just removed the file you dont want to create the db >>>