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[Java] Big instalation problem

Started by Viny_hc, May 10, 2011, 05:47:30 PM

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Today I came across a BIG problem - '
After deleting my Javas, by problems in cardregistry (always corrupts...) I can not install more Javas. . .
I thought it was a problem on mp, I flash it, and nothing
Flash another mp and nothing else
Another flash, and tried to install on sd clean, without anything, nothing
In summary, there is the SD, because I tried another clean, and also does not have installed.
I'm sure it is the MP, but do not know what happened.
It installs java, but only a few (like games), most (Applications) fault at 25%. . .
And my phone does not flash in the 2nd bootloader, my pc does not recognize. . .
My AP is in 4AP, but the BP is in the 45P ¬ ¬
Any idea?
Or some kind soul could install a few Javas sd clean, and pass me the folder. system?
Thanks: D