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What is wrong with my E2

Started by XtorT69, February 02, 2011, 04:47:28 PM

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This phone is a few months old. I got it off Ebay new. But it's battery life is dismal. Today it managed 8 hours. That was a few phone calls and sms's. No matter what firmware I put on it its the same. It also freezes occasionally. My first E2 never had a battery issue like this.


all i can guess, it goes down to two possible problems, one, your battery, maybe your phone didn't use an original battery, or it's quite old, i had an E2 with same battery problem.

Or maybe you can check your monsterpack, maybe the overclock is always on, running your battery out.

PS:sorry I'm off for long, don't have an E2 anymore, nor a Motophone. New Motophone too expensive for me  :'(