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Motorola Barrage v860

Started by Zander46, April 05, 2010, 06:45:44 pm

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Hi all, I am new here, I used to go to motomodders.net but it's now gone..

I used to be into modding my Motorola phones and it's been a while. The last moto phone I had lasted me a long time so I have been out of the loop lately, but now I have the Motorola Barrage v860 and I would like too change the skins, add pics and also add games to it. I tried sending a .jar file to the phone over bluetooth but it told me that files like that are not accepted?

Can anyone point me to a way too add games, etc to this phone? Is there another phone that has been hacked, etc, that is close to this one that I can work from?

I am on the Verizon network and I have bluetooth, a Micro SD card 4gb and I also have the cable too hook the phone up to a pc. Right now I am on a mac but I have a PC I can access to do the skins, etc...

Thanks all!


Just found out that VZW has all their phones locked - un-hackable!!!! grrrr!!!

I wonder if someone can make a JAVA player for this phone (Barrage v860) then we could load that in the "EXTRAS" and play all these .jar games that are out there... we would just need to be able too browse to the Micro SD card...