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LP & Patch Multifont for E398 & E1ROKR

Started by Jithin, July 18, 2007, 05:17:48 PM

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July 27, 2007, 09:45:31 AM #30 Last Edit: July 27, 2007, 09:58:03 AM by veronica1009
Quote from: LFM on July 27, 2007, 12:30:43 AM
No gayoe, it's not necessary... I've ported it using an 0003 LP, not even the languages must be the original... you can use any language backup and change de offset 000002 to the language ID you need (Spanish 0A, British 03, etc...) and it's gonna work! I've done it... it's better this way because some language matrix don't accept necessary letters (á, é, í, ó, ú, ü, Á, É, Í, Ó, Ú, Ü, etc.. Spanish example).

The languages IDs still being the same... Vietnamese, French, German and Bahasa... all other languages will show normal font...

Ok, can you give me a little info about how to do this? A few steps? I don't know what to do exactly... I tried playing a little with MotoLangEditor, but unsuccesfull. And when you're saying "offset 000002" do you mean hex editing the lp smg?

I was forgeting something.... At the end (if I'll get it right) I'll obtain multifont just for one language? Silly me, I don't even know what i'm supposed to obtain  :-[


July 28, 2007, 12:25:42 AM #31 Last Edit: July 28, 2007, 12:28:02 AM by veronica1009
Just figured out...hurrray! :) But I have now another problem with the new fonts...regarding some of those characters lfm mentioned; they don't appear on my phone. Instead there are some weird "drawings". I'm using LP 0031. Could anyone help me? Please.... I'll be gratefull...


Hey LFM!
May you port the patch to R373_48R while you dont release your tutorial?  ;D
(I'm using G4 by gayoe avaliable here: http://www.e398mod.com/content/view/390/30/)
Thanks cheer!  o/


August 01, 2007, 07:34:27 PM #33 Last Edit: August 01, 2007, 08:05:41 PM by gayoe
i've tried to port the patch multifont for 48R.
you can download it at attachment.

the patch is for CG1 and CG15 with the use of original LP.
that's mean you can use it with based original LP that you own (not contain Arabic or China, of course).
it's different patch especially patch CG15.

the restriction of this multifont patch is on the language ID that you use as a based language.
you see, you have to use language that contain ID 06 (French), 07 (German), 0A (Spanish), 0C (Vietnamese), 0F (Bahasa). the language ID restriction is written on the CG1 patch.

altough you have to use these ID as a based, but you can change the strings with Moto Lang Editor to match with your language. also with Moto Lang Editor, you can apply different font on ID (red box on the picture) number:
00, 08, 0A, 0B, 0C.

you can download the newer version of MLE on HERE

this version of MLE can change all the different font on all section number of MLE (redbox on the picture). the old version can't change section number 02 and 06, that's always match with number 01 when we save the CG4.smg

i hope you can understand what i'm saying....
and please let me know if the patch is working or not on 48R. thx!

oyeah, you can't use my multifont LP because these patch is for original LP. you can download original LP (such like 002E original) on e398mod.com

i add patch multifont with the use of original LP for 46R and 49R.
to aplly the patch for DRM: E398 with the use of FlashBackup 2.62 straight patch, E1 ROKR have to patch CG15 manually with hex editor.


August 01, 2007, 07:52:44 PM #34 Last Edit: August 01, 2007, 07:58:27 PM by gayoe
maybe it's better if i showed you how to make this patch...

Description=Firmware patch 6 fonts
Author=for LP 002E with ID languange 03, 06, 07, 0A, 0C, 0F

005EA731: 06
005EA741: 07
005EA749: 0A
005EA755: 0C
005EA75D: 0F
0061B4B8: 106A3D3E106A3D4A106A3D58106A3D64106A3D70106A3D7C106A3D88106A3D96106A29D8106A29DA106A3DA0106A3DAC106A3DBA106A3DC6106A3DD2106A3DDE106A3DEA106A3DF8
0061B508: 106A3D3E106A3D4A106A3D58106A3D64106A3D70106A3D7C106A3D88106A3D96106A29D8106A29DA106A3DA0106A3DAC106A3DBA106A3DC6106A3DD2106A3DDE106A3DEA106A3DF8
0061B7D8: 106A3D3E106A3D4A106A3D58106A3D64106A3D70106A3D7C106A3D88106A3D96106A29D8106A29DA106A3DA0106A3DAC106A3DBA106A3DC6106A3DD2106A3DDE106A3DEA106A3DF8
0061BB98: 106A3D3E106A3D4A106A3D58106A3D64106A3D70106A3D7C106A3D88106A3D96106A29D8106A29DA106A3DA0106A3DAC106A3DBA106A3DC6106A3DD2106A3DDE106A3DEA106A3DF8
0061BD28: 106A3D3E106A3D4A106A3D58106A3D64106A3D70106A3D7C106A3D88106A3D96106A29D8106A29DA106A3DA0106A3DAC106A3DBA106A3DC6106A3DD2106A3DDE106A3DEA106A3DF8

string value that marked with red color is for ID language that you have to use on CG4.smg (LangPack) to have different font.

Description=DRM patch 6 fonts

000165E0: E0E0E0E0
000165F0: E8E8E8E8
00016600: EAEAEAEA
00016620: EBEBEBEB
00016630: ECECECEC
000165E4: E7E70504E31214530AEEE9E8
00016604: E7E70504E31214530AEEE9E8
00016650: E1E1E6E6E7E70E0DE30E104F0AEBE9E8E1E1E6E6E7E70504E30E104F0AEBE9E8E1E1E6E6E7E70504E30E104F0AECE9E8

string value with blue color is the sign for section number on Moto Lang Editor that you can change the font. as you see, the above patch is for number 00, 08, 0A, 0B, 0C on MLE that you can change the font.
the patch of DRM above is only apply with manual patching with hex editor program, such as xvi32 or winhex. that's why it has different address with the patch DRM applied with FlashBackup program.

thanks to montox @ motolovers.web.id that explain these patches to me.


Yes! the tutorial is ready, it's bilingual...

I'm making the last tests...

I can add 6 fonts :) :) and the tutorial works for any platform :o :o :o



Sorry for the double post :D

The tutorial has been posted!!!!!!!


Works in all phones, and platforms!



August 02, 2007, 11:31:28 PM #38 Last Edit: August 02, 2007, 11:42:38 PM by fernandojapa
Thanks a LOT guys!  I'm going to try the patch for 48R tonight and i'll post the results after.  ;D

BTW: i think i'll change to 46R. Yesterday i've tried the Symphony MP and it's very good. I'm using G4 since it has been released and I still using it couse it was the best i've found until last year and i've changed a lot of things to make it perfect for me. All MP's i was been testing had too much things to change to fit my taste and i was without enough time to make on they the changes i'd like. Now i have some time to do this, so i'll do this.

And gayoe: i think i'll have a hard work to make this patch work, couse i've changed the LP to support Brazilian portuguese =\

Thanks again bros



Your patch has worked very well for me. I've made some changes to use another language IDs and another fonts section. Now my 48R have 6 fonts  ;D
Thanks mate


this is a very great job guys,i've got it with the patch thing but there is one thing i can't get it.How do i use motolang to add the fonts i want, i've been searcing the forum for an ideea but this patch thing it's all that  i found.
Maybe is't just me(i didn't get it right) but i would apreciate any "inlightning" help ;D



k now i'm very confused
i've seen may way described here to make multiple font working but just to clear a confused mind can someone post a tutorial for the exact steps to follow, can i do this without applying any patch?
do i also have to mod the DRM?

i know......it's a chaos on my head ;D


Guys i know i'm a lunatic
but this is it about this problem i have .i manage to change one font but i have a question and that is i wont be stressing you anymore. ;D when i change in winhex with the values given in MLE( EX for croatian lang i replace in winhex with the  11 value, and the font id is 8 from the  table saying this but if i use other language that is not in that table how will i knoe the font id?the 11 value i found it in mle but the font id ..?!?i don't know where to get it


I don't get it..
Online patching those patches doesn't work? I tried to patch them online with FlashBackup 2.62 and there's no diference. I have the same boring font...