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[E2] Kaleidoscope II ??

Started by fade2black, January 18, 2009, 10:29:45 AM

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January 18, 2009, 10:29:45 AM Last Edit: January 18, 2009, 11:13:41 AM by fade2black
Original topic from Russian site:


Google translate :

For a password to lichku to hobbit19

By the next assembly should be a monster to ennoble, to remove the minor defects, identify with graphics, skins, content, make the theme beautifully, etc. )

The scripts for backup and restore databases (book, radio, calendar, notes, tasks, ...)

shortcomings that have already found:
1 voice control does not work.
2 can not start the song (the central button joystick) in mediaspiskah.
3 alarm does not work at all. (in any mode)
4 in the memory card. PC sees itself "removable drive", he did not see that it has a memory card, ie the computer says there is no disk in the device.
5 can not I search in the directory.
6 is another feature (a pity that did not work) in the style of opoveschaniya have a profile "posvetka" if it porytsya, it refers instead of multimedia files with the extension * flt *
7 does not work send an installed application (in your body) to a memory card in a jar file.
8 works not sending (any dispatch) installed application from the phone.

Preliminary list of Java

Motofan Corp. and its unit E2 announce recruitment of beta testers - for running a new monster.
1) an approximate number of testers - 8
2) not less than half the year at the forum
3) a sufficient number of posts at least 100
4) fast-???? to download about 2 times a week, test build
5) when testing a beta tester is obliged to observe confidentiality (can not be spread on Public ????, files, etc.)
6) and, of course, the stubborn testing

Anyone can leave this topic in your resume.

Selected to be the best of the best-order and the monster was a new breakthrough.
(selection of candidates will be peer-committee on which you'll learn later)

Note: In any discussion of this topic next monster NO!

Kaleidoscope II
Perhaps I'll start a list of changes / ??? / fixes ..

Deleted DRM (as a result of fewer inspections, above bystrodeytsvie)
Call expanded to 80, not be lost when a new SIM card.
Media: from the function of blogs, scrolling lists no longer inhibits
Camera: You can select the permission of 320x240 QVGA
Settings: Time backlight keyboard, speaker phone (still need to finalize the ...)
Email: Name akkuanta limit of 19 characters.

Minor fixes and other interface

Monster will be catabatic ", ie it will not include many works for E2, possibly, someone would like to see it. show * modules, skins, java, scripts, etc. All of this will be recommended as a supplement to the monster.

Credit to hobbit19 & AstaRoth

PS: Not tested yet, i can't download from ifolder.ru  :(


E2 modding never been boring, when we thought that it should ended, new things came up. I really expected this one


Note: In any discussion of this topic next monster NO!

you are in troubles. XD


Yeah,I've seen Kaleidoiscope II in Motofan some months ago.I think they won't permit you to share it outside Motofan. This thread should be closed.



what a selfish ppl... whatever.


January 21, 2009, 05:37:37 PM #6 Last Edit: January 21, 2009, 05:39:16 PM by fich
cannot download
always got  password is incorrect
maybe password is changed


You are supose to ask hobbit19 for the password as it's only for russians member but supostly they give the FW to everyone as soon as they finish, anyway this thread is usels and it will confuse ppl
Kaleido II hasn't been oficially released


It's beta in development. Only qualified RUSSIAN testers can obtain the copy.