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Motorola Q11 Announced

Started by Doitcom, October 15, 2008, 03:03:04 PM

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click here for link http://www.gsmarena.com/motorola_q_11-2541.php

Expected Dec 2008

Today Motorola announced the newest member of their highly popular Q family. The Motorola Q 11 is true to its nature with slim silhouette and Windows Mobile 6.1 Standard OS.

Motorola Q 11 comes with quad-band GSM support, making it capable of global roaming. It's landscape display measures 2.4 inches and sports QVGA resolution. The full-QWERTY handset has 64MB of RAM and a Freescale ARM 7 LTE CPU.

Some of its more exiting features are Wi-Fi, GPS (with A-GPS support) and a 3 megapixel fixed focus camera. USB v1.1 and Bluetooth v2.1 are also on board and so is a microSD card slot for expanding the built-in memory. The lack of UMTS support however will force users to use EDGE for on-the-go wireless data.

Motorola Q 11 measures the pretty slim 117x64x11.7 mm, totaling a volume of 85cc. Its weight is the passable 115 g.

Motorola Q 11 is expected to be available in December 2008 but there is no information regarding its pricing yet.


i had the q9h .... aslong this is lighter and battery life increases this is my next bad boy phone..... after the zn5


This one really sounds promising! Definitely better than the previous Q's!

Joka X

Looking awesome.....and expensive......


Motorola Q11 is for Low End until Middle End User. The price supposed to be not expensive.


such devices are never cheap... I don't think it's low end. If you are talking about "low end PDA", then yeah - but not low end user :) PDA is not for low-end users.


Well... Let's we see on December 2008 / when sell in the store.