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I hope you can help me to recover my c380 ,by myself ,show me how the way.

Started by elmo, September 24, 2008, 01:57:18 PM

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I add new menu (brightnes,engineering,callGuard) whit opcode to my c380 from wap-robin.com .i dont know why ,now i just have 5menu(settings,pb,rcntCall,office,multimed) but cannot opened. wall,date,msg,brow,im,alarm,calndr,etc gone n every 3mnts my phone restart n opcode cannot open too, now what should i do?



thank you very much exploited, now I have my motorola C380 back to normal, sorry I can online now, case closed!

appeal: to the members motohell, do not ever try opcode, if you don't know what you doing, one might successfully accomplished, but many of them wrong code. (pardon me, for my bad english)