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The Motorola Q Modding Tutorial

Started by joeyNET, August 25, 2008, 09:11:35 AM

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August 25, 2008, 09:11:35 AM Last Edit: September 01, 2009, 08:07:42 PM by tegezan
The Motorola Q Modding Tutorial

Motorola Q users guide http://www.hellomotoq.com/forums/downloads/file122.html
Requires a .pdf reader I suggest FoxIt reader the FASTEST damn .pdf reader – (stop waiting for adobe to laggishly load ) http://www.foxitsoftware.com/

First of you need this:
PHM Registry Editor (its free) [note: entire guide is warez free & madeup of opensource/freeware]

How to connect my phone:
If you are using Windows Vista- Microsoft has came out with a new software it calls Windows Mobile Device Center. This is the new platform in Vista replacing the old ActiveSync.

If you are using Windows XP/2000/NT- Use ActiveSync like you would with any other device.

Known issue with the Motorola Q and sync with a PC- I could not get my Q to sync. I would conect it but nothing. Here is the fix go to Start>Settings>Connections>USB to PC> untick the box that says Enable advanced network functionality. Restart your Q and reconnect to the mini-b data cable, (or bluetooth how ever you connect.)

Adding a Bluetooth headset or device:
To use a Bluetooth headset with your Moto Q, you first need to "pair" the Moto Q with the headset. This enables your Moto Q to communicate with the headset. Follow these directions to "pair" a Bluetooth headset with your Moto Q smartphone:
1. Press Start > Bluetooth Manager > A. Hands Free (you will be prompted to turn on Bluetooth if it is disabled)
2. Press Menu > Add
3. (Check the directions that came with your headset and put it in "discoverable mode".) Press Search
4. You willl be prompted to enter a passkey to confirm you would like to add the Bluetooth headset. This is usually 0000.
5. Enter 0000

A bunch of themes:

You'll see two types of themes on this site.

-The .cab files can be used as in installer from the Windows Mobile application manager. It will then install the .xml's and images.

-The .zip files need to be installed manually. These belong in the Application Data>Home.

You should be able to select them as a homescreen in the settings menu.
Make sure that you have both settings below set as:
Color Scheme = Default
Background Image = Default

Yeah why are you .xml savy? If so lucky you, the home screen theme sets it code in XML. Everything from the position the the bar, to the clock. So therefore go custom your own ? I'll add more detail into this as I get into it here, including my goal of creating themes for front screen with animation. (Yes I already know its possible)

Moto Team dialed in shortcuts:
Primarily used by the Motorola testing team, but can also be used when performing Tweaks & Hacks. A word of warning to the wise...Be careful when using these hidden menus as some changes cannot be reversed. To access these hidden menus simply type in the following code and hit the call button.

## - shows phone number
##* - Field Test Mode
##00**83786633* - Another field test mode
##073887* - Programming Menu / spc check
##074663 - nam1, nam2
##2539 - akey
##33284 - spc check - does nothing? screen flashes real fast, can't tell what it says
##342587 - enable dial up network
##83587 - spc check - does nothing?
##8378 - spc check - does nothing?
##95 - protocol revision
#4357* - Phone settings
*#678 - Nothing?

Free Downloads:
HelloMotoQ.com has lots of great links to neat stuff, I'll link you to the locations of there directory.
- Games, "Hacks", The moto Q USB data cable driver if needed (I use Windows Mobile Device center, more on that in one, to come) –
http://www.hellomotoq.com/forums/downloads . There is SuperNES emulators you can install on your MotoQ to play super classics like Mario. Other games like halo3 the mobile version and other offering on his site made by developers for mobile smartphones. Check it out.

Installing .Mp3 as a ringtone:
Some codecs are not exceptable to WM OS keep in mind. But if you want to keep .mp3 rings on your storage card leave theme in the root of the memorycard (no folder just on the card) If you want to use them and place them on your phone, they need to be inside
-Application Data\Sounds
-Press Home > Settings > B. Sounds
-Scroll right to select your new ringtone

The following uses the above registry editor to make these changes.
Warning/Disclaimer: You are making registry edits. Live any other Operating System, making changes to the HIVE_KEYS can always have its issues, including destruction of your technology, you have been forewarned.

Custom Startup Shutdown screens:
HKLM_LOCAL_MACHINE_\Software\Microsoft\Splash Screen\CarrierBitmap (this file is a .png)
HKLM_LOCAL_MACHINE_\Software\Microsoft\Splash Screen\CarrierShutdown (this file is a .jpg)
HKLM_LOCAL_MACHINE_\Software\Microsoft\Splash Screen\MSBitmap (this file is a .png)

Security Messege:
This will turn off the security warning message that is displayed when you install non certified software. NOTE: This does open up the possibility of malware becoming installed on your phone, since the warning message will not appear to prompt you.

In the registry simply change the following values -

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Security\Policies\\Policies Folders
change the 0000101a default value to - 1

Speed Hack:
The following tweaks greatly improve the Q's performance, making it much more responsive. Simply open your Q registry using your chosen Registry Editor and change the values below.

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\GDI\GLYPHCACHE\ (Change limit from 16384 to 32768)
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\StorageManager\FATFS (Change CacheSize to 4096)
(Note: in essence this isn't actually a hack. When ever you take from mem to cache you just rebalanced. Kind of like justifying Virtual memory on a PC in sorts)

Menu button list:
Want to reorder the items in your Start Menu?? Make the following changes to update what and how they appear..

In the registry simply change the following values -

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Shell\StartMe nu
Resource Management
Internet Explorer.lnk
Call History.lnk
MSN Messenger.lnk

Simply change the order in which they appear in the list and this will also be the new order in which they appear on your Smartphone..

Start-Up Sound:


-At the very bottom of the list of entries, there is an entry called AllSounds
-Open that up and you'll see a list of mp3 files.
-All you have to do is append your own audio files (mp3, wma, or wav) to the list. Then you have to make sure that you place your new audio clips in the \Windows folder so that they are accessible.
-The next time you go to the sounds events page, the drop down menu will contain the new clips you added.
-If you want to change the system startup sound, go to:
\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\ControlPanel\Sounds\SystemStart \Sound
Change the hidden wav file, \Windows\Piano.wav to \Windows\YOUR_WAV_GOES_HERE.wav

Vista Sounds for your Q:

How about updating the system sounds on your Q to that of the new Windows Vista operating system. Well now you can, simply download the Vista Sounds .zip file below. Then just unzip them, upload to your Q (you can store these on your SD card) and using your registry editor simply go to HKCU\Control Panel\Sounds and change the pathnames to that where you have stored the sounds on your Q. Its that simple!!!

Truly delete SMS messeges:
Your SMS Messages are never truly deleted (even though you click delete), this tweak will make possible a true SMS delete, the Delete folder will remain empty. Awesome if someone looks at your phone (your SMS will have been truly deleted!!)

In the registry simply change the following values -

change the DWORD MaxDeletedMsgs value to - 0

Increase call history:

Change the following settings to increase the Call History on your Q.
"CallHistoryMax" contains the number of numbers that will be kept in history. I.e. change it to 100 Create the key string and set the value to whatever you like.

Turn off call beep:

Change the following registry setting to turn off the beep when you first make a call on your Q!
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\ControlPanel\SoundCategories\InC all2
Change String/Value InitVol to 0

--This tutorial is a work in progress and will be updated along with my progress.
(moving @ the moment bb soon, with software packages and more tips)



Very useful tutorial for Moto Q user ;)


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nice nice nice!

Thanks Phil for ++

hello masters,

this trick can i use to for moto Q verizon (cdma) too




hi, i got a motorola q9h from at&t and im not sure what to do with it or how i can use it here in the Philippines. is there a way to unlock it like flashing similar to the E398 or should i just give this phone back? thanks


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hi, i have a q9h global from at&t and my computer does not recognize it when i connect it to my pc. the one i had before immediately installed the drivers for the phone but this time, it just says usb device not recognized. i tried another computer and same effect. i tried the instructions above but i couldn't find any check box for "Enable Advanced..." can anyone help me? thanks


eh bro,,

this link is expired, please check.

Hehe, btw thanks for these great idea over all.



well..I dont realized that link is already dead,
since  Im use another software (resco) to edit registry..

btw.. thanks 4 the info.. I'll add another link next time.. :)

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thanks for useful guide,8 month since ibought moto q9h still cant use as modem to my pc till iread this to thick the advance network setting, ill try it when im home.  ;)